My Workout Routine | How To Be Strong

If there's one thing this year (or this decade) made me... it is definitely a stronger me.

And in this new post, I decided to share my routine on how to be strong. You know I love concepts with two meanings haha. So maybe you have an idea of how I define "strong" in this content.
I fo…

My #2020Vision Board

Hey you! 2020 is almost here. The start of a new decade. Can you believe it?

Before 2019 ends, I am lucky to have the time to reflect and assess how my year went through this little creative retreat I had with my friends. 
After the retreat and despite the busy year-end schedule, I allotted time t…

My Vision of A Social Enterprise: Activewear That Care

I took an online course about Social Entrepreneurship from UPOU's Massive Open Distance e-Learning (MODeL) and here is my final assignment.

Help me improve my idea. Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments below! :)

I'm a petite woman and a home-based freelancer.…

Q&A Game! (Inahrte x What's The 411?)

Hello! Long time no upload!

I have something new for you! For this video, I have guests! First time yata 'to na I sit down for a Q&A with my friends.

Well, I've introduced to you my other passion project and I want to also create something about it in this passion project. I'm supe…

Happy Two Years ♥

It has been two years and one month since I launched this project.

I've posted 20 videos (plus this one) on my YouTube Channel and posted 27 write-ups on this site. I wish that for the next season, I'd be able to create more and inspire more.

Thank you to everyone who supported me since da…

TRAPKADA in Jomalig: Share The Joy In Sitio Talisoy

Last May we went to the beautiful island of Jomalig in Quezon for a "summer to remember." Well, technically, there's no 'summer' in the Philippines 'coz we only have two seasons — but you get it!

Jomalig is a pristine island with blue water and gorgeous golden sand. It wi…

Filipinos Are Multilingual

Yay! I have another entry for this month — huling hirit sa Buwan ng Wika!

Mayaman ang Pilipinas sa wika. Sa rami ng isla at dami ng probinsya, marami rin tayong lengwaheng pwedeng maipagmalaki. Bukod dito, masyado rin tayong exposed sa kultura ng ibang lahi na dahilan kung bakit pati wika sa ibang…


Ang "Kumusta?" ay isang pagbati ng mga Pilipino na katumbas ng "How are you?" ng mga Ingles. Ibig alamin ng katanungang ito kung ano ang lagay ng kausap mo. Pero sa konteksto ng "greeting" o pagbati, naiiba ang kahulugan nito.

Ayoko sa salitang 'Kumusta'? Ilang…

Baybayin | FAQs Answered! (Part 1)

Hey hey hey! What's up y'all?
It has been more than a year since I randomly uploaded my BAYBAYIN tutorial on my YT channel and as of writing, it has reached 79k views (as of writing)! I did not expect that but I do hope those who watched did learn something out of it.

Why Create Another V…

I Have A Baby! | What's The 411?

I was gone for a long while... and now I'm back with a baby!

Yep. That's right! I have given birth to a new project together with my favorite girls — Karen, Daria, and Jhanz.

We love to talk about anything. We talk about the tiniest things like what the teeth of lizards look like — you hav…

TRAPKADA at Isabela: A Christmas Gift Giving

For the long weekend, I decided to remove one item from my pending to-do list, and that is to create another entry for this project... which also means I spent my entire four days doing this video. I hope everything is worth it and I hope you'll like the final output.

I juggle three jobs and a…