The Project

INAHRTE: ang blog na ginawa para makalikha.

The platform for all the maa-ART-e people out there! Together, let's create a better place through our mga "inarts".

M Y K I N D O F A R T :


The word 'maarte' is used to describe someone who can be nitpicky, pretentious, and overly dramatic. In this blog, MA-ART-E is the collection of arts & crafts, fiction, music videos, short films, comedy sketches, and videoke sessions. This is where most of the creation happens.


'Diskarte' is a Filipino slang which means one's effective way of doing things, combining strategy and resourcefulness. In this project, DISK-ART-E is all about exploration! This includes travel stories, first/s, and other life experiences - those I never had the courage or opportunity to try before.


The word 'baluarte' means a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle. The BALU-ART-E section of this blog is where you'll find all my ideas, realizations, aspirations, and non-fiction stories. Welcome to the home of my thoughts!


I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch out for these spaces!
Hope you are as excited as me.

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