The Project

❤ INAHRTE: ang blog na ginawa para makalikha. ❤

What is INAHRTE?

The platform for all the maa-ART-e people out there by the ARTE-SAN - that's me! Together, let's create a better place through our mga "in-arts".

What to expect in this space? 

MY KIND OF ART! I have three main categories for this project. Let me share with you what they are all about.


The word 'maarte' is used to describe someone who can be nitpicky, pretentious, and overly dramatic. In this blog, MA-ART-E is the collection of arts & crafts, fiction, music videos, short films, comedy sketches, and maybe some lip sync videos and videoke sessions. This is where most of the creation happens.


'Diskarte' is a Filipino slang which means one's effective way of doing things, combining strategy and resourcefulness. In this project, DISK-ART-E is all about exploration! This includes travel stories, first/s, and other life experiences - those I never had the courage or opportunity to try before.


The word 'baluarte' means a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle. The BALU-ART-E section of this blog is where you'll find all my ideas, realizations, aspirations, personal lists, and non-fiction stories. Welcome to the home of my thoughts!

I also write here stories (fiction and non-fiction) and some random mumble about anything too! I also do vlogs and advocacy videos. I just tag them to the best category I see fit.

Still confused or has questions?

Feel free to explore my other social pages to learn more about the INAHRTE project, or you may message me anytime and I'll do my best to reply as soon as I can. ;)

Here is the quick intro I made, found on my YouTube Channel.
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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch out for these spaces!
Hope you are as excited as me.

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