The O.T. Project

My friend, Daria, and I had this little weekend project I'd like to call The O.T. Project (Oversized Tee). We designed these shirts, had them printed, and obviously modeled them too.

Customized shirt baybayin shirt

It was a fun weekend we really looked forward to. Others asked...
...what for?
...are you selling these? (Would you buy one if we do? Haha)

NO. There's no specific reason. We just want to create something different this time. The thing is... we missed having little shoots on the side. When we were in college, we usually conduct photo shoots for no reason too. We were just lucky to have friends with cameras who loved to practice photography (and just because gusto naming um-aura). Oh, and it was a normal thing for our college org  for publicity reasons. HAHA. (And don't you just love how photographs preserve memories and how you look in a specific time?)

We also love oversized tees!!! They are comfy yet stylish to wear. (Plus, they don't really make me look so skinny, don't you agree?) When you are too lazy to dress up, you can just grab one O.T. and you're ready! 

Let me show you some output from the shoot:


Our first look is what I call the Baybayin VS Katakana. One funny thing too: Daria and I did not really talk about what and how our shirts would look like. We designed them separately, chose the shirt colors separately, have them printed separately, and was surprised at how thematic they turned out.

Outdoor customized shirt baybayin katakana
Customized shirt baybayin katakana
Outdoor photoshoot customized shirt

For those who are curious: my shirt says INAHRTE while Daria's shirt says her name, DARIA MAY. Please do notice our cute socks too! :P


The second look is the 'Chalamet Shirt'. We both love Timothée Chalamet but on different levels. I love Timmy as a soulmate, while Daria loves Timmy as a son. So, okay, we kind of talked about having Chalamet shirts in white but that's it. (And just how awesome is our red eyeshadows!!!)

Oversized shirt photo shoot

Oversized shirt photo shoot

Oversized shirt photo shoot

My shirt says 'Wife of the Chalamet' (for those who can't read). HAHAHA. Claiming it! :P


The third look is the Coca-Cola Shirt and the I.N.A.H. (I Need A Hug) Shirt. We aren't really in sync this time except for bringing more colors to your eyes (and we, both, wearing skirts).

Customized oversized tshirt outdoor shoot

Customized oversized tshirt outdoor shoot


The fourth look is leaning towards the dark side, charot. We bring you the TESLA Shirt and the INAH Cropped Jacket. Yes, that's INAH spelled in Baybayin. No one will mispronounce it this time. :P (I hope).

Outdoor photoshoot oversized shirt and jacket

Oversized tshirt and jacket outdoor photoshoot

Oversized tshirt and jacket outdoor photoshoot


And the final yet our favorite, the BEATUS Shirt. 'Beatus' is a Latin word which means 'blessed'. It is the name of our org batch in college. We also love how it can be read as "Beat Us" — 'coz we claim that we're the best org batch ever. Hahaha. Every batch does.

We dedicate this look to our batchmates who are currently living on different sides of the Earth. We miss you and we hope to bond with you again soon! (We'll also send you your shirts soon so we can all share this look!)

Outdoor Korean oversized tshirt photo shoot

Outdoor Korean oversized tshirt photo shoot

Outdoor Korean oversized tshirt photo shoot

Hmm. Now I'm thinking if I should make a business out of this. Should I?
What's your favorite look? Share your thoughts below.

View more of our photos here.

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