I Have A Baby! | What's The 411?

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I was gone for a long while... and now I'm back with a baby!

Yep. That's right! I have given birth to a new project together with my favorite girls — Karen, Daria, and Jhanz.

We love to talk about anything. We talk about the tiniest things like what the teeth of lizards look like — you have no idea, right? — to showbiz chikas, to grand topics such as dreams, life, and the universe.

I love hearing the thoughts of these girls. I love how different they are, and how deep and sometimes shallow (yet fun) they can be. I love how they make me laugh or feel emotions in an instant. I love how they uplift my dying spirit, and how they support and comfort my tired and broken self.

And I would love it more if people... more people would hear them... and experience them.

The Podcast Project: "What's The 411?"

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A podcast show has been an item in my life bucket list since... I don't even remember. I always urge Jhanz to create one with me. I would tell the same to Daria. So I thought... why not ask Karen too and just do it with the girls?

June 2019. We went to Siargao, Surigao del Norte for a one week vacation. And on a Tuesday night, we finally recorded our first episode (while drinking our wine).

It is us four, discussing things one-on-one. '411' is a code for information and code for truth. That's what we hope you'd get from this little project of ours.

The dreams written on my notepad are steadily coming to life and I'd like to thank these girls for helping me check one item in my already long list.

Every passion project requires courage. All the resources would come from you and your soul. It is not easy pouring your heart out to something knowing you'd get 'nothing' in return except for maybe genuine happiness — worth the risk, right?

We are all private persons, in one way or another. And having this project where we let the world know how we think and share our little stories to hopefully inspire or move or trigger thoughts and emotions, can be draining and also be a fulfilling step.

I'm proud of us all for trying and for actually making it.

The First Episode

INAHRTE | four girls sitting by the beach

We're in Siargao because we needed a break! (And pinag-ipunan namin 'to for almost half a year because it's a dream destination!) So for our first episode, we talked about the usual and favorite topic when friends see each other: why are you stressed lately? and how do you rest? 

Listen to the full episode here:

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Original photo from Pexels.com | Edited by Inah Solacito

Yes, we made it happen! It's happening now.

Join us on this journey. We do have a lot of interesting and fun topics to talk about. All coming soon! ᜀᜊᜅᜈ᜔ (Abangan).



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