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Hey! Today is May 31 and it's World Meditation Day!

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I haven't practiced meditation lately and I think I need to put it back into my routine again. I am not a fan of staying still for a long time, but meditating did help my mind to focus and relax. It helped me loosen up too. We all need help sometimes.

For this video, I created a Tagalog version of meditation with affirmations. I hope you find this useful or helpful in one way or another. 

Here's the video link for your reference:

Editing Notes

This is the quickest video I ever did. Hehe. I think I've said that a lot in the past blogs but you beat your record each time, eh? I wrote the script last night and recorded it today. I also searched for the perfect music last night to make sure I finish this post on time (procrastinating again!). Good thing the first music I saw was already good for me and I guess it worked, yes?

I had difficulty translating some messages and affirmations into Tagalog. I hope they did not sound strange or weird. I tried my best and I wrote from personal experience. I hope the words I needed are words that can help you too.

As for the editing, I recorded the audio and put it as is. I attempted to remove the rooster's audio snippets, but I realized they're too many. I don't know why the roosters started talking to each other just when I was recording. Hahaha. Anyway, I hope you did not notice.

Oh! By the way, I used to hate hearing my recorded voice, but hearing it over and over again helped me get used to it. Also, some people tell me I have a nice recorded voice so I guess I'll accept the compliment. Thank you!

Then, for the visuals, no video was needed. I just doodled the eyes on Photoshop and added the text and required INAHRTE cards. That's it! The video is shorter too so it did not take a while to render. 

Let me know if you liked this content! 

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