Invisible Strings | Happy 3rd Anniversary

We're on our third year already??? I can still remember clearly how I crammed my website on the wee hours of September 24, 2017. Fast forward to 2020, and here I am still cramming.

However, this time, I was not able to meet my deadline. But there really is perfect timing for everything. I waited and created according to my phasing, and I am genuinely happy with how the video turned out.


"Invisible Strings" is a writeup I created after crying over a crush. Don't judge me. I had so many feelings back then (exactly a year ago), and he was my happy crush. I learned that I will not see him again, so all the hidden emotions just burst out. Also, he was my sole source of sincere happiness back then. Wow! Telling that story again just makes me wanna burst into laughter right now. LOL.

Well, his goodbye was the trigger, but he was definitely not the only inspiration behind this video. This video is dedicated to all my friends and all the people and pets I met and treasured in this lifetime. And to those viewers and supporters whom I am to meet someday.

This video is my take on hellos and goodbyes... on why people meet and the purpose of life:


I doodled this video, and I know it is not that impressive, but I super love how the video turned out. It was not as close to what I imagined, but it has its beauty too. And did you hear the music? I love them so much!

I mean, I always have a hard time finding the right music for the videos I make, but I still manage to stitch and make them work. Thanks to YouTube's Audio Library and the newly implemented easy search method. I'm so glad these beautiful pieces of music exist (and for free!!!). I hope they helped you absorbed the message better. As for me, hearing my VO and the music alone already made me feel so many emotions inside (I even teared up a little. Haha!).


This video was done in around 2.5 to 3 workdays? I wish I started it earlier, so I could publish it on time, but it is okay. We sometimes need to prioritize more important things.

'Invisible Strings' is the first video I have done purely using my new drawing tablet, and I hope to make more (and better) animation-ish in the future. Wait, I'm not sure if I want to make some more because the real reason I keep putting this off was because I was so overwhelmed with the things I needed to do. Haha. The video is around 5-6 minutes long. 

Note to self: The next time you do an animation, keep it at 2 minutes max, please!!! Hahahaha.


Storyboarding really helps. No matter how I want to skip animating some parts, I always tell myself that no. I must finish it in sequence to make sure everything is smoothly done. Every time I feel overwhelmed, I just break the task into much smaller ones. It helps make things more manageable!

Maybe I'll do a video on how I work on my content next time... if you want to know the process, but heads up: it is not that exciting. LOL.

What can you say about my attempt to create an animation? Was it worth it? Please let me know your thoughts! Happy Anniversary to us!!! Thanks for still being here with me. 

Today's Baybayin:




(Create & Inspire Always)

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