Call Me By Your Name... I am obsessed.

If I need to describe how I feel towards this film, I'd say I'm OBSESSED.
ᜆᜋ! ᜈᜎᜓᜃ ᜈ ᜀᜃᜓ!
What I Love About It I love everything about 'Call Me By Your Name'.

I love the light, nostalgic feeling brought about by its cinematography and color. I love the peace and calming touch of it…

Fact: LIFE

More than Hale's "The Day You Said Goodnight", marami pang ironies ang life.
I'm sure, like me in the video, you've been in the same situation too.

Yes, humuhugot lang ako ng video ideas from my everyday thoughts and struggles. :P

Why does life have to be complicated? ᜇᜒ ᜊ? (&…