Call Me By Your Name... I am obsessed.

If I need to describe how I feel towards this film, I'd say I'm OBSESSED.
ᜆᜋ! ᜈᜎᜓᜃ ᜈ ᜀᜃᜓ!

What I Love About It

I love everything about 'Call Me By Your Name'.

I love the light, nostalgic feeling brought about by its cinematography and color. I love the peace and calming touch of its music. I love the absorbing production design that gently screams "perfect summer indeed" and the wonderful costumes, hair, and makeup that would make you want to sport them now.

I love how the complex book was transformed into a direct story through its screenplay. I love the title cards at the beginning and its beautiful poster design.

Call Me By Your Name Fan Art Drawing Doodle
His face alone is already acting. Here's from one of my favorite shots to stare at. Elio in deep thought.

Above all, I love how the characters were portrayed by the amazing actors, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet, the whole family, neighbors, and friends. The multi-language used in this piece is just music to my ears, don't you agree?

When I say I'm obsessed, it is literally me watching all interviews and YouTube videos about the film and the actors, reading all the tweets that mention any of them, viewing all IG stories, about me reading the book while listening to its audiobook or soundtrack, and even reading the Oscar-winning screenplay.

What Is It?

'Call Me By Your Name' is just one of the beautiful films of 2017 that reminded me of my dreams. My dream of telling a story that will inspire and influence, my dream of working with a beautiful cast and crew, my dream of working with people with a heart in what they do.

My dream of having an orchard/farm someday, living with a beautiful, understanding, loving family in the countryside, whose house is open to anyone who'd love to join them for dinner or for a quick swim by the pool; whose doors are open to those who want to learn more, with no prejudices. 

In all honesty, the film won't make you say 'wow' unlike the film 'Get Out' or leave you in awe like the film 'The Shape of Water', but it will hit you deeply... in areas you don't want to be touched. It is a simple story but it will remind you of the beauty, pain, and confusion caused by your first love, regardless of gender.

It's actually what I like about how the film was directed and narrated — it did not focus on the gender nor on the love-making. Instead, it talked about the relationship and the feeling of desire in its most beautiful way.

The Character

The character of Elio caught my heart. He's a sweet boy with loving and accepting parents, who is aware that though he's a wide-reader-musician-polyglot, he still has so much to learn about the "things that matter" in life. I like these kinds of people.

Timothée is such a brilliant actor. I love how he brought Elio to life. His method of acting is different (the beauty of theater training plus his amazing passion and talent, I guess). You should watch him and his works so you'd understand me (he is also in last year's film, 'Lady Bird'). 

Call Me By Your Name Fan Art Drawing Doodle
One of the sexiest and my most favorite scene in the film.

The Director

Director Luca Guadagdino's excellent directing method (if he ever considers it a method) is one thing I admire about him aside from his wide knowledge of films. I heard he started his film career as a film critic. He was originally asked to be the location consultant of the film, later on becoming the director.

One story shared by the cast was that they shoot 6 days a week, but only 8 hours a day (Italy policy), and every after their shooting days, Luca will invite them over to his apartment in Italy (this is his hometown), cook them meals, and introduce films while sharing beautiful insights about each.

Who would not grow in this kind of environment? You also have to hear the story of Timothée and Armie's first and only rehearsal a.k.a. the icebreaker. Just a brilliant move! CLUE: check this out.

How It Made Me Feel

Watching all those interviews made me feel like I know them too well already, even though I really don't. Haha.

The entire film made me want to visit Italy, Crema in particular, with it just letting me join the characters in their experience (and not hard selling the beauty of the place because it wasn't the focus). 

Call Me By Your Name Fan Art Drawing Doodle
This is the outdoor dining table where the family and visitors share their meals and stories together.

I don't even know if this is the right platform to tell all these, but I am just so overwhelmed with the feelings this film brought me. It gave me the urge to create (and I am not even good at this — both in drawing and sharing my thoughts about a film).

In Conclusion

'Call Me By Your Name' is a beautiful interpretation of an honest story that would make anyone vulnerable again. It's an 8-year-in-the-making film and I am thankful for its existence — adding up to other beautiful film narrations of the same subject close to my heart — hopefully making people understand why this kind of love exists, and why it is painful and should be welcomed.

This is the kind of indie film that deserves such recognition and I'm glad it is getting all the hype it gets. It's been a year already since the film was shown on Sundance and more than two years since it was filmed. I hope you'd find the time to watch it and I hope you'd love it too.

Tell me your thoughts!

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