Tour of my Brain!

Hello everyone! How is life so far?

If you ask me, I'm feeling good. I'm glad that I've finally used my brain after so long. Hehe. What I meant to say is that I finally used it to create something for INAHRTE! Yay!

It is funny too 'coz what I have for you is a quick tour of my brain (or at least what I imagined my brain would look like). ᜆᜇ! ᜉᜐ᜔ᜌᜎ᜔ ᜆᜌᜓ!

Here's a preview:

Parts of the brain

The Making

I've seen several samples of this 'Tour of my Brain' video and I loved how each showed how different people are. You'd see it on the way they draw their brains, the way they compartmentalized each, and the way they define each.

I wonder how I'd do mine so... here we are.

The Editing

I actually drew and cut "my brain" out of an illustration board. I also filmed that I was opening each lobe using my hand, but I guess plans do really change as you go along (especially when you don't have the proper lights and equipment hehe).

I ended up using a single photo of the output and doing all the edits from there — thanks to Photoshop! And then everything goes as usual.

Watch the tour here:

Isn't it amazing how one little part of you controls almost everything of you? Thinking about what I'd put here is also a bit of a reflection of what I think controls my life now.

How about you? If you'd have to draw your brain and what makes it up, what would we see? Share it with me! I'd love to hear 'em. :)



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  1. Ang cuteeeee and galing! Love how you compartmentalized everything in here, beshie. It's a nice way of self-evaluation too (like you mentioned) to analyze what occupies your mind the most.

    To answer your question, kung ako yan siguro puro ube and doubts and fears lang yung laman nung akin. LOL

    1. Beshie!!! Salamat sa pakikiengage! LOL! Naimagine ko na ang ube brain with doubts and fears, pero bakit may nakita rin akong Japan and Nasi Goreng somewhere there? Hahaha. I miss you!!!

  2. Recently, yan ang topic namin sa class. Brains. Haha. Regarding emotions and stress haha. Sobrang cool ng videos mo! Waaaaah. Sana kasing creative ako ni Inah, kasi ang gaganda ng videos niya. (please read in Bobbie's voice)

    1. Ahhh ♡ thanks, Tr. Danna! :P 'Pag ikaw naman ang magta-topic ng brains, pagawa mo rin sa mga students mo. Hahaha. At teka, bakit parang galit ka? Bakit parang kasalanan ko? LOL.

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