TRAPKADA at Isabela: A Christmas Gift Giving

For the long weekend, I decided to remove one item from my pending to-do list, and that is to create another entry for this project... which also means I spent my entire four days doing this video. I hope everything is worth it and I hope you'll like the final output.

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I juggle three jobs and am trying to fix my life at the moment so maintaining this project is not at all easy (obviously). But I am more motivated now because I finally did it again and I am, until now, receiving endless support for INAHRTE.

I always say that I have so much lined up for this passion project and it is true. I do have a list of ideas for INAHRTE. Sometimes I wish ideas will just become reality in an instant but that is not how life goes. Good things require patience and hard work — that is one inevitable life truth.

inahrte | trapkada | travel with a purpose barkada | isabela zipline

So if there is something you want to do so bad... just write it down. And slowly force yourself to take little steps. It'll happen only if you do a move to make it happen.

Editing Notes

Anyway, let's talk about the video!!!

It is better late than never! This event happened last December, and after four months... here's my visual narration of it. I wasn't able to really "vlog" about it but I'm glad I was able to (kinda) make it happen.

I was very detailed in the script I wrote for this output (although I really tried my best to cut it down). The most challenging parts in the making of this are:
  1. Finding the right music (Always and forever the hardest!!!)
  2. Making the "clip-less" stories work
  3. Summarizing a weekend full of stories into a "short(?)" video
I was recently watching "BLACKPINK House." It's a reality show by BLACKPINK (of course) and I love how they edit their videos. Koreans are always good at making things so visually appealing. It inspired me so much. Definitely #GOALS. I hope I can achieve such in my future vlogs as well. Hopefully in my upcoming 7-day travels!

For now, I just copied the use of Instagram in narrating several stories. I hope it did help and made things look easier to understand. 

Let me know what you think of my approach to this new video. Check out my TRAPKADA: December to Remember video story here:

For today's Baybayin lesson:
SIPAG LANG TALAGA (hahahahahaha)
ᜐᜒᜉᜄ᜔ ᜎᜅ᜔ ᜆᜎᜄ (ᜑᜑᜑᜑᜑᜑ)

For more beautiful photos of the trip, visit the official pages of TRAPKADA: TRAVEL WITH A PURPOSE BARKADA


Oh, and if you want to join the next trip, I encourage you to do so! Follow them on social media and hope to see you on the next adventure! 

***Not all photos used are mine. They are properties of TRAPKADA and their volunteers. Seek permission if you want to use any material.



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  1. Galing nung story telling! Sobrang na-engage ako sa story hihi good job sa video at sa paoutreach! Love love!

    1. Thank you sa support, as always! Love you, Dannabels!!! :*


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