Hinga - Meditation/Affirmation in Tagalog | World Meditation Day

Hey! Today is May 31 and it's World Meditation Day!

I haven't practiced meditation lately and I think I need to put it back into my routine again. I am not a fan of staying still for a long time, but meditating did help my mind to focus and relax. It helped me loosen up too. We all need help…

Hair Clip Styling With Me

A week or two weeks ago, I received a small package. It was the gift my college org sponsor (a.k.a. Ninang) sent me for Christmas.
It was a package from overseas that's why it took longer (plus the Christmas rush and add the pandemic) for it to arrive. I have no problem with the late arrival tho…

Sopas (A Short Film)

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for watching INAHRTE's first-ever short film! This wouldn't be possible without the help of my sisters. I asked them a couple of days before the shoot and they helped with the overall production, including improving my story concept.

The Story Inspiration


Talking to My Younger Self

It's my birthday! Yay! Hehe.

I used to not make a big deal out of birthdays but I remember always wishing people to enjoy their day, so might as well practice what I preach.

I know this isn't the best time to celebrate because people are dying all over the world because of this yet unsolve…