Hair Clip Styling With Me

A week or two weeks ago, I received a small package. It was the gift my college org sponsor (a.k.a. Ninang) sent me for Christmas.

It was a package from overseas that's why it took longer (plus the Christmas rush and add the pandemic) for it to arrive. I have no problem with the late arrival though. It's just perfect for my birthday month.

Since receiving the package, I've started fixing my hair. 😂✌

inahrte | hair clip styling with me

I wanted to try all the hair clips and explore more looks so I decided to document it in this new blog/vlog entry. You'll see nothing but my face and I did not really say anything important here. I kept and published it, still, because I feel like I'm slowly becoming "me" in front of my camera. This is new content for my channel too. New in terms of concept and feel.

When I do videos, I usually have a script, but sometimes, I try to become a spontaneous content creator too. I think the video is quite long. I hope it's not dragging. Lol. 

What's inside

Here I am trying to create different simple looks using my hair clips. I don't have pegs and I don't have hair styling tools. I just did an everyday look anyone can recreate with their hair. 

Here's the video if you wanna check it out:

Editing Notes

I did not have a plan on how I want the video to look. I did the simple cutting and stitching of the videos. To share the story with you, it took me an entire week to edit this video. I started on Sunday. Then, my laptop started acting up on Monday. My screen had glitches and it was heartbreaking. 

I decided not to finish the video because I thought my laptop won't make it. I felt bad about the unused clips I have. (I shot another video last weekend which I haven't edited yet.) 

When I managed to recover my laptop (the screen still malfunctions), I decided to push through with the editing. I appreciate that my laptop kept on trying to work for me, so I did my best to still continue. 

And there's the output. 
It was indeed challenging because:

1. There's a lag. A good and intense delay when I attempt to make a move on this laptop.
2. I cannot see the real color of everything on the screen. I had to screenshot and send it over to my phone so I can fully assess the color of the videos and the images. In the end, I decided not to overthink it.
3. Because of the hardware emergency, I settled with simple transitions and cuts for this video. I wish I could've done better but this is the best I can do now. 

I added some notes in the video as overlay texts to add more personality. I hope you enjoy watching my face (or not)!!!  

inahrte | hair clip photoshoot creative ideas

What's your favorite look among the five? Let me know in the comments section below!

Today's Baybayin:



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