When to Say No: Tips for Decision-Making

Hello! After more than a month of hiatus, I am back with a new video.

What happened? My laptop stopped working last May and the rest is history. Hahaha. I was super stressed (add the happenings in the Philippines and my fragile emotions lol), so I decided to take a break... until I was ready again.

a subtle reminder that it is okay to pause for a while...
it is your life and life is short

Inahrte | when to say no | tips for decision making

I am not sure if I am indeed ready, but I want to feel different and I thought creating again can begin the healing. The only difference now is I am more lenient with my schedule, unlike before.

In the past few months, I was also challenged decision-wise. I hate decision-making. But as part of the adulting process, we all need to face it once in a while. I always consult with my friends whenever I am confused but I know the problem starts within me. I don't know when to say no or how to say it.

I don't want to always bug my friends about the tiniest details of my life~ (I used to do that all the time hahaha!). We are all struggling so I tried to create a video that compiles all the guidelines they tell me and I tell people who ask for my advice as well. That is to help myself and anyone else who needs it. 

If you haven't checked it out yet, here you go:

Oh, I saw this quote the other day...
You disrespect yourself every time you say yes when you want to say no. You call it loyalty/love/friendship. Really you're just hoping someone will see how amazing you are and choose you. It shouldn't work that way. Choose yourself. That's how you teach them. By choosing you. ~ Trent Shelton
Whoa, right? It's not a hundred percent true for me, though. I think I help people because I know the feeling of being rejected for help and I don't like that feeling. Maybe I just don't like people feeling they're alone or helpless even if it's me who will suffer.

(Background: My love language is Acts of Service, so you kinda get where I'm coming from. It's not always a healthy place to be at.)


This video is another "comedy sketch" or "skit" I did for INAHRTE. I kinda like this format of having a talking head with a script while there are little sketch inserts. 

It is not yet the production quality I aspire to have but we'll get there soon... someday. I'm not sure if I am also improving in creating this type of content but I wish you get entertained in some ways.

I'm surprised at how fast I write video scripts these days. I'm not sure if it is a good or a bad thing. I assume it can also be a downside because I feel like quick scripts are not well-thought-out but that's just my unconfident self speaking.

On editing-wise, it was simple. No other gimmicks. I learned to recreate the iMessage graphics and it's the first time I used the mask feature of Premiere Pro.

I didn't know what else to add in the latter part of the video, but I want to focus on the message and less focus on my face (although the second goal was less achievable at the moment). I thought I'd create more text and graphic support towards the second half of the video but I guess I wasn't hard-working enough.

So, what are your thoughts about my tips? Do you think they make sense? If yes, please share it with someone you think needs it. 

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