How (NOT) to Write a Paper

Now, I can finally say that I write for a living, and there is money in writing. (Wow, I've wanted to say that for so many years. Hahaha!)

For this video, let me teach you how to write... or how NOT to write?

inahrte writing tips how to write

It is sad to admit, but this video is a hundred percent accurate. :( I get distracted a lot since I work from home. I do not have a private and quiet space here at my parent's house, and my chatterbox nephew stays with us the whole weekdays. Sometimes, all of my sisters are at home, too, playing music, watching series, and working.

There are too many distractions (and maybe self-destruction) and let us not even talk about my noisy brain! It is always overstimulated, especially when I do not like what I am currently doing. I have this love-hate relationship with my mind. I love having overflowing ideas, but they are not helpful when I have a deadline.

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But the good thing is... I always meet my deadline. I think I even work faster when I need to finish something asap. I'd also like to believe that the quality of my rushed output does not diminish (hehehe). Let us just not confirm that with my editor.

Anyway, do not be too hard on yourself. That is what I wanted to say. We all have our right timing and flow, and you simply need to discover it. Mine changes every time. Sometimes I am an early bird, but most of the time, I am a night owl. 

Sometimes I force myself to wake up early and work to drag one article all throughout the morning. Then, I will realize that I am more productive in the late afternoon, and I can finish writing my articles faster then. 

inahrte writing tips how to write

You need to discover what schedule works for you, and you need to stick to that. Unless you have an urgent and crucial task. In that situation, you have no choice but to finish it and submit it on time. :P

I just pray that we all meet our deadlines without all the stress! Amen?

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  • Instead of actually working, I shot this video on a Wednesday—workday. Just a few minutes after lunch. Hahaha. 
  • I believe I mentioned in my last blog that I will make use of the typewriter preset again, and here I am! It made the editing so quick to do. Thanks a lot! Woohoo!
  • I used a single song here, so I tried to make everything fit the music. (I had a hard time looking for the perfect one. The struggle was real!) Thank God I was able to achieve that plan. I hope it is not too fast for your eyes?
  • As for the sequence, I started with a script—as usual, chose the music, added the on-screen text (to make sure everything will fit within the given song duration). Then, I added the video clips and the adjustment layer (which changed the color, aka gradient). Lastly, I added the typing sound effects and incorporated my logos and template videos.


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