Study Korean (Hangeul - 한글) With Me ✨

So, I decided to learn a new language. It was on my life bucket list, but it was not very urgent. However, the opportunity came, and so I thought, let's just do this. 

I've was torn between studying Japanese and Korean. I love the two languages because of all the entertainment content I consume coming from these countries. I dream of someday understanding everything without the need to read subtitles. That would be amazing!

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My good friend, Arra, shared her knowledge about Nihongo, the Japanese language, with us; her friends and I enjoyed the learning experience. I actually absorbed more Japanese vocabulary and learning materials, hoping to learn more about it, but then, Hangeul came into the picture again.

Again, as mentioned, learning it has been in my life goals ever since―the secret life goals, actually. I was not supposed to share it with anyone until I finally learned the language, but I guess I love sharing my goals and progress with people. 😅

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I enrolled myself in Korean: Beginner 1. It's all about learning to read and write, construct simple sentences, comprehend common expressions and questions, as well as understand how grammar works. It is a fun learning experience, even though everything is done online. I have classmates to work with, and I have a great teacher. 

In this video, I decided to capture what happens on a weekend of review. I also shared some language learning insights throughout the video. I hope you enjoyed it and got encouraged to pursue any goals you set for yourself too.

I acknowledge that I am lucky to have this chance to push towards what I want, even in a tough and challenging time like now. I, honestly, have a hard time juggling (my demanding) work and the classes, but we will all survive this phase, even if it's hard. 

I can't wait to end this class, but I also feel sad that it's coming to an end soon. As of now, I think I will keep on studying... like what's next, but I'm not yet sure about the timing. Once you study the language, you need to keep on learning about it, so you get to use all your learnings. 

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Editing Notes:

I had fun filming and editing this video. It's simple and did not require overthinking. I tried to do the color grading myself here... meaning there were no templates used. Hehe. I hope it turned out okay. I also wanted to make it as relaxing as possible. Too bad, I ended up chatting a lot again, but I just don't know how else to make it more engaging. Oh well, tell me what you think!

Did you enjoy my video? It's something new (again!). I guess I love experimenting and trying new approaches every time. I hope you got entertained by watching it. If you did, please subscribe and spread the word!

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