Things to do in Boracay

I love taking clips of my adventures. Sometimes with a vision of what kind of video to make out of it, other times, just random snippets to preserve the memories without an actual visual perception of how it would turn out. Just like this trip I had last May.

It was my second visit to the country's (is it safe to claim Asia's?) best beach... BORACAY!

Seating by the beach | Boracay, Philippines
Sariling sikap photo at Puka Beach. This is really how majestic it looks! (The place, not me) :P

Looking through my files, I realized I have several pending videos for editing. Not wanting to put them to waste, I decided to one-by-one create something out of them. I chose to start with this specific travel first because the island is so beautiful, everyone else deserves to see its beauty.

Tell a linear story out of the random video clips.

I learned this new video transition and decided to overuse it in this video. HAHAHA. To also create something different, I decided to not use background music this time. I want to hopefully, immerse you. :P Let me know if it is effective or NOT. Haha.

So, if you are asking how the quick escape went... in my perspective... here you go (please watch in HD):

Also, thanks to Beshie Anj for capturing the photo used as the thumbnail for the video.

I also had the opportunity to watch my friends' Boracay videos. I was smiling the entire time I was watching the videos.

It's amazing how a single story can be told in several ways. That's what I love about writing and video making. The storytellers can come up with different interpretations of the shared moment. Besides words and videos, photos can also do the same.

There are so many stories to tell from this trip but I'll let my photos paint their thousand words for me this time. I need to mention though that my favorite memory is this being the first (and hopefully not the last) travel bonding I had with these lovely people.

Now, here are some photos!

Group photo at Two Seasons, Boracay
After-late-lunch-groufie at Two Seasons Boracay Resort

Beach photo at Two Seasons, Boracay
Here's a photo with Rach, one of my favorite people. Check out her inspiring stories and amazing journey at her personal blog:

Beach photo in Boracay with officemates
First day swimming at the beachfront. Real salty!

Group shot at the Puka Beach, Boracay
Team Island Hop at Puka Beach

Playing volleyball at Puka Beach, Boracay
These people just love to play and have fun (and not swim at all, I dunno why). :P

Underwater shot snorkelling at Boracay
Proof of trying snorkeling again. Backstory: I almost died the last time I did (in 2014).

Snorkelling shot at Boracay
With my beshie, Anj. It was her first time snorkeling! :)
Almost sunset shot at Boracay beach front
The almost sunset shot. Beachfront.
Evening lights at Boracay Beachside
The sea seems scary at night but thankful for the calming waves and the beaming lights.

Bag by the beach
YUP! Onto a new sea adventure soon! Can you guess where?


There are already several online tutorials found on YouTube when you want to learn a new editing trick or a new transition. They also make the tutorials easy to follow and understand. The zooming effect I did was a product of an online tutorial I watched. Go and keep on growing!

P.S. I'm excited to see the sea soon! Also, I still have a pending travel video to Marinduque, the province of Laguna, a farm in Sta. Rosa, my first legit mountain hike in Rizal, and a lot more! Watch out for these soon in the #DiskARTe section of my blog!

OH! And for the Baybayin lesson for the day: I'll write ᜀᜊᜅᜈ᜔ (which is read as ABANGAN).



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