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I've been spending a lot of time with my nephew, Sanji, for the last one and a half months. I am literally watching him grow day by day. This made me realize that he's almost halfway to his second year as a human being and I was also reminded of how delayed I was in releasing his first birthday video! :)))

So as usual, I rushed editing something for my Ma-ART-e (Create) content today. (I must stop with all the procrastination, I swear.)  But so far, I can say this is the most fun video yet that I produced for the blog. Yay!

SONA Birthday Party Theme | News Reporter
I dressed up as a reporter (and dressed up my mike as well) to cover the event. | All event photos from Smile and Pose Photobooth.

After a lot of conceptualizing, brainstorming, peg-searching, and discussion... we finalized the theme: #SONA, which is an abbreviation for the phrase Sanji, One NA! It was a perfect theme since he's our President anyway.

Why do we call him 'The President'? 

'Coz he loved to pose as one when he was a lot younger. Here's the proof!

Sanji's baby photos
Photos grabbed from Ate Mayen's gallery

The Party

Similar to the past family events we had, each family member contributed his/her creativity to make this happen. Unlike Cathy's debut (a Bohemian themed debut party which I hope I can also share with you some other time) wherein we were hands-on with the decoration and program, this time we asked for the help of Lei Tajao & her team to make our visions come true.

They did a very good job, almost better than what we imagined! They said it was their first time too to experience this kind of theme.

Here are some of my favorite event photos from the Smile and Pose Photobooth:

Presidential SONA Stage
The stage area. Design inspired by my logo.

Presidential Cake First Birthday Party Theme
The First Family a.k.a. the first in the family to have a family.

Sanji at his Presidential Table
Looking serious, Mr. President. Sorry for using the actual logo of the Philippine President.
We created Sanji's version of the logo but it did not meet the deadline.

Group photo with President Sanji
With our mabait pa and behaved pa (then) President

Group photo with President Sanji
Here's Sanji's big family!

President = PANGULO (ᜉ᜔ᜅᜓᜎᜓ)

Dreaming big for any project may look troublesome but getting a bigger result is actually worth it and fun. Like what I said earlier this week through my weekly quote, if you're gonna spend some time planning or visualizing things, might as well give your best or think big! But of course, you have to apply the same in working towards your vision. :)

Anyway, before I forget, here's this week's video:

Editing Tip

There are also existing free templates you can download online and use for your video. Here, you'll see I used a "news overlay template". It's an editable file that made my video look more professional than it should. I'm so happy with the output!

And don't forget to add them to your credits! I did in the description of my YouTube video. :)

Bonus: Photos

I would also like to share some outtakes (in raw format) from our homemade photoshoot for Sanji's birthday collateral. All shot using a mobile phone camera with a desk light, a borrowed rattan chair from kapitbahay, some props, and a talent to make a kid laugh.

President Sanji SONA

President Sanji at SONA Photo Shoot

President Sanji Pictorial

No more excuses. Just make it happen.



(Create & Inspire Always)

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  1. Siyempre number 1 fan ako ng batang ito. Napaka-cute at finally nagkaka-catch up na ko sayo! Nagsubscribe na din ako! Ano pa ba kulang! Miss you a lot!

    Style Reader

    1. So magkaribal pa pala kami ni Sanji dahil parehas ka naming #1 fan. LOLJK. Thanks sa iyong pagmamahal sa aking pamangkin!!!

    2. Nafeel ko nga ang pagcatch up mo, Arra. Sana ay nag-enjoy ka sa iyong stay here in my simple world. :) <3


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