TRAPKADA in Jomalig: Share The Joy In Sitio Talisoy

Last May we went to the beautiful island of Jomalig in Quezon for a "summer to remember." Well, technically, there's no 'summer' in the Philippines 'coz we only have two seasons  but you get it!

kids in Jomalig Quezon wearing TRAPKADA bags | INAHRTE

Jomalig is a pristine island with blue water and gorgeous golden sand. It will require around 4 to 6 hours of boat ride from Batangas Pier. Since it's an untouched island yet, it's a perfect getaway when you are looking for peace and quiet, but also hoping for a beautiful sight.

The island is small that you can rent a motorcycle to literally travel around it in a day, they say.

Jomalig islad blue beach Quezon Province | INAHRTE

Like any other remote areas in the Philippines, Jomalig island also experiences rotational power interruptions. During our stay, there's no power in Sitio Talisoy from one in the afternoon to around four o'clock.

Since they are also far from other islands, it would require them a boat ride to go to and from other places. Despite these daily challenges they experience, they still gave us their wonderful smiles.

happy smiling kids of Quezon Province | INAHRTE

It was a hot Saturday afternoon in May, but everyone did their best to stay present, learn from each other, get to know each other, and have fun.

We played a game, ate a meal together, exchanged stories, gave some gifts, and took a lot of pictures together. Kuya Errick also emphasized the importance of having dreams and working hard (including the importance of studying!) to the kids.

TRAPKADA outreach in Jomalig | INAHRTE

Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters, and the locals from Jomalig, Quezon who made this event possible. You are all heroes!

"Never underestimate your ability to make someone else's life better - even if you never know it."  
 - Greg Louganis

Their life may only change for a day or for a few hours, but the memories you shared, the time you spent, the encouragement you gave  you'll never know how far they'll go.

school supplies for kids outreach program in Jomalig Quezon by TRAPKADA | INAHRTE

Oh! I did create a video to share the highlights of the event proper. Watch it here:

We hope you can still join us in our next travels with a purpose. We have an upcoming event on October 19-20, 2019 in Brgy. Aringay, La Union. On behalf of TRAPKADA, I am inviting you to come and join us!

Find the event details here in this link.

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My every time battle when documenting: have I covered enough? 

For this outreach, I was in charge of both the photo and video documentation. Although there are people also shooting, mine would be the official, I guess. So that leads us back to the question: are my files enough?

Sometimes you'll doubt yourself. It's normal. But tuloy pa rin ang life. Every problem is an opportunity, ika nga. This time, it's the opportunity for you to be creative in storytelling and in creating the missing link. 

(And remember to always give your best when there's a task assigned to you. At least you'll have no regrets.)

This video is a lot simpler than what I did for the Isabela trip. I guess it also depends on the mood of the place and the vibe of the whole thing. This is much simpler but also calmer. Don't you think?

There's nothing special in the process of creating. I just watched all the files I have and wrote the narrative from there: work with what I have.

Oh, the challenge I had was the audio recording. This was the time my earpods (which was my regular mic for VO too) no longer function. So I had to improvise. I wasn't sure about the audio quality but thank God it's not that bad.

Hope you can join TRAPKADA next time!

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