My Vision of A Social Enterprise: Activewear That Care

I took an online course about Social Entrepreneurship from UPOU's Massive Open Distance e-Learning (MODeL) and here is my final assignment.

Help me improve my idea. Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments below! :)


I'm a petite woman and a home-based freelancer. I started working out this year because I want to get out of the house (and off my chair!) and I want to see other people. I want to gain weight (through gaining muscles) and to also become and feel stronger. 

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Then, I got addicted to the experience. It feels good to know that you can improve your strength. The endorphins you get after the hard work and just the satisfying feeling of stretching your body and knowing its limits and working more to surpass it are a treat every time. 


Investing in one's self requires more push than you can ever think of.

You'll need the motivation to go out there and continue the journey. And more than the self-pep talk or a gym buddy, sometimes you get it from actually feeling and seeing yourself look good  and I think there's no problem with that.

I used to go and work my body out wearing just an oversized t-shirt and leggings, but later on, I noticed that my oversized shirts kept me from seeing the results of my grind. I learned that the usual cotton leggings don't look good and feel uncomfortable when drenched in sweat. They don't absorb sweat well. It is also inconvenient as my laundry pile gets massive each time because of all these huge pieces of clothing. And since I use regular t-shirts, they would take a longer time to dry too.

I searched for activewear online but found that they are either too expensive or something I would not be comfortable wearing. Other cheaper products don't use quality materials or don't look that nice either. And a majority of these activewear lines also use materials that are harmful to the environment.


Coming from these frustrations, I envision a brand line that would be comfortable yet stylish, affordable, and environmentally-friendly.

I want a locally-produced sportswear brand that would encourage more people to go out there and be more active  both in working out and in saving the world.

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Local activewear brands are existing. There are stylish workout clothes. There are sustainable clothing lines. Not everything is affordable. But I haven't found an all-in-one.


My future activewear line would make use of better alternatives to polyester and synthetic materials  the main reason behind microplastics in our rivers and seas. 

My brand line would make use of naturally-sourced materials like Calico, Bamboo Fiber, or Tencel. They are soft and breathable materials that absorb odor and sweat too. Upon washing, these won't exude little plastic materials or chemicals that would be harmful to the environment in the long run.

Although these would be more difficult and expensive to produce, they would be good investment pieces in your wardrobe. 

The photos are not mine. Credits found in the image.

As for the style, it would capture more of a young and casual vibe. It will be a brand you can wear anywhere  in and out of the gym. Other styles would also have encouraging (and very Filipino) words to push them more. 

The photos are not mine. Credits found in the image.


This product would address the needs of those people with an active lifestyle who want to invest in pieces of clothing that are affordable yet stylish, at the same time would cater to their sweat-needs. This clothing line would boost the confidence of any fitness-goer by making them feel good about themselves and would encourage them to go hit the gym more often. Plus, this line would be stylish. They can go out with friends or stroll in the mall wearing just it.

This would be beneficial to the community and the environment in general because the product is made from naturally-derived materials. I would also strive to make the process an ethical production. I hope to make products that won't be pollutants in the future.

I will find a local producer for these materials and will also work with a local supplier to help with the production. If ever I get to have my production team, I would make sure to hire out-of-school individuals who are willing to learn or homestay moms from our community who need the extra income. 


"Good things come out of those who sweat."

It will be an activewear brand that will encourage more people to sweat through workouts. Good things will come out of their sweats because they will improve their entirety  physically, emotionally, and more.

And since the fabric would come from ethically-sourced and natural materials, only good materials would come out from the laundry water, thus, making it better for the environment!

L E T ' S  R A I S E  T H E  B A R !

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    1. If I will push through this idea, ikaw ang partner in crime definitely! <3


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