My #2020Vision Board

Hey you! 2020 is almost here. The start of a new decade. Can you believe it?

inahrte | vision board | 2020 visions

Before 2019 ends, I am lucky to have the time to reflect and assess how my year went through this little creative retreat I had with my friends. 

After the retreat and despite the busy year-end schedule, I allotted time to finish this vision board in time for the new year. I believe in the power of 'Law of Attraction' and a vision board helps.

You know how much I love the concept of 'new year, new life'

INAHRTE creative pastel vision board | 2020 vision

I love vision boards! Especially when it's time to look back and realize how much you've grown, how your visions and plans change (or not), and how many of the dreams and wishes came true.

INAHRTE creative pastel vision board | 2020 vision

I explained my love for vision boards more in the video linked below. For now, here's a photo of what you'll see inside. I also shared the story behind each image and words in my video, in case you're curious. 

INAHRTE creative pastel vision board | 2020 vision

Do you like it? Do we share the same "dreams" or "visions"? I hope this inspired you to also list more dreams and visualize it through an actual board. 

Here is my video about my 2020 Vision Board:

My most favorite (and the most time-consuming) part is the 'dreaming' part. I love dreams and I love the excitement I get whenever I think of new ideas or inspiration. Dreams do keep me alive. How about you?

Editing Note

This was the first time I did a video without a script, and boy, I struggled a lot! I had problems with getting my point across because my mind works differently. Hehe. I mean, I have so many thoughts to process. But I hope the edited version made everything feel seamless?

P.S. I'm more of a writer than a speaker. It's a lifelong battle. Lol.

Note to Self: It's okay to be free and to have no script. It is also a test and practice of my speaking capabilities (which is also practiced in our podcast!), but always remember to have an outline or a flow so you're still guided. It will also make the work more efficient. ;)

Oh oh oh! I tried color grading here!!! What do you think? Was the pastel/Korean/creative feel achieved? Hehe.

What do you think of this creative project? Please let me know! Leave your comments below.

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(Kaya natin 'to!)



(Create & Inspire Always)

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