My 2018 Planner

Hello, guys!

2018 is almost here! Are you excited? Have you planned how you want your year to turn out? Or are you not a fan of this concept?

If you haven't yet but are planning to... or even if you're not a believer of this "new year, new life" notion, I hope this week's video will somehow make you think about setting goals, hopefully, inspire you more, and may give you ideas on what to add to your 2018 list.

I've been using a planner since I started working and I use it not only for organizing and scheduling things but as a collection of memories and achievements as well. I have no extra money to buy a planner now that's why I decided to create my own.

Here's a sneak preview. :P

Watch my video for an "inside tour" of my planner. I talked about why I like to have a yearly notebook here:


I've been into pastels lately... actually since I started the channel. And it's very visible in this video. I also just make sure that no parts of the video would look boring or unthought of. I'm not sure if I achieved it, but I hope it made you watch too.

This is another VO on top of a video, with a little creativity on the side.

I also struggled with the different lighting here. It was an indoor shoot where I only used a table lamp with colors I don't understand. The sun was setting so I had to make the most of what I have.

If you also have other ideas on what to add to my list... feel free to share them below. :D

PLANO (ᜉ᜔ᜎᜈᜓ) = Plan
Noun. Minsan nagkakatotoo, minsan isa lamang panloloko.
('Wag naman hahaha)




(Create & Inspire Always)

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  1. me too! may one word ako as the theme for the whole year hahaha. I've also been doing collage since 2013 ng goals and vision ko for the year kasi may nagturo sakin na it's important to write down your vision. at kung ano nga yung nakalagay sa collage na yun nangyayari (someway, somehow) haha super love all the ideas here!!!

    1. Yay! I'm so happy knowing na you also enjoy the yearly theme and collage-making! Grabe! Hindi alam ng iba how powerful our visions are kaya ipagpatuloy natin 'to, Dannabells! Hope to also see yours in your blog :P :)

  2. I totally agree with the yearly theme! It really pushes you to do or make things you’ve always wanted to do! I love this so much! I’ve always believed in the power of keeping moments through journals and I can’t wait for what’s in store for us next year. Happy New Year, Inah! 💛

    1. Yes! Journals are the best. Writing in them also help me in dealing with problems and in weighing decisions. Happy New Year, Rach! :D I'll be watching out for more of your 2018 updates from your e-journal! ♡

  3. Very nice! Looking forward to more of your posts :)

    1. Eeee. :"> Thanks for dropping by, Ate Kristel! More power to your blog too! ♡

  4. Ay nako ang ganda talaga nito!!! Nainspire din ako gumawa ng sariling planner, tapos nag end up ako gumawa ng bullet journal. Hahaha :)

    1. Hahaha salamat! Masaya akong finally pinush mo na! Patingin :P Nag-attempt din ako mag-BuJo but hindi ko mamemorize yung mga symbols niya. Haha. Sana maaral ko rin siya someday! :)

  5. Agree ako kay chang! Actually hindi ko na kaya ang planner goals so bumili ako ng schedule notebook sa daiso sa japan so nilalagya ko lang mga gagawin ko at gustong gawin. Totoo talaga pag sinulat mo magkakatotoo basta kikilos ka din to do it!

    Hanggang content calendar at content plan para sa sarili ang gagawin ko hahahaha. Ganda Inah! Si beshie Anj ang katuwang mo dapat dyan!

    Style Reader

    1. YES! Mas nakakilos din tayo 'pag nacu-customize natin ang ating mga "planners". Alam mo na... mahirap makulong sa kahon. LOL.

      Push mo 'yang content calendar and plan for yourself. I-share mo rin sa blog mo. :P

      Soulmate talaga kami niyan ni Anj hahahah! Sana makita ko yung kanya! :)


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