Back to Elbi! (with Jhanzey)

When you don't know what path to take next or when you are about to set some new goals (or if Jhanz is finally back in Laguna after two years!!!), it is always a good idea to go back to where you came from. It reminds you of who you were, who you are now, what you've always wanted to be, how far you've come, and how far more you can go. [insert Moana's song]

Welcome to our unibersidad!!! (ᜂᜈᜒᜊᜒᜇ᜔ᜐᜒᜇᜇ᜔)

Check out our photos too!

Kwek Kwek Tower, UP Los Banos

Oblation Park, UP Los Banos

Humanities Building, UP Los Banos

Ginhawa Cafe Flat Lay, UP Los Banos

Join Jhanz and me as we go back to UPLB and hop down the memory lane. How about you also count how many times we said the words: CHAR and CHAROT? Hahahaha.

Here's the video:

We wished we could have visited earlier in the day so we can show you a more detailed tour around the campus. There are a lot of new establishments, monuments, buildings, food to try, (stories to share), and of course, it would also be fun if we were able to visit and present you some of the old favorites.

But oh well, time really flies fast when you're enjoying the moment (especially when you arrived very late 'coz you slept late talking about #adulting stuff). 

There will be a next time, promise! And maybe a part two? Yes?

Also taking this opportunity to thank Brylle who made time for us despite his busy schedule. :P
Sorry na, Kuya Brian H. Hahahaha.

Belen UPLB Ground


There isn't anything special or different about the making of this video. Oooh except for I added "location pins" for easier mention of the places.

I later realized that I should have added a map with moving legends so you can see where we're going. It would have been cute. Maybe next time. :)

And always make sure you add texts for emphasis and photo templates to differentiate them from the videos. Adding SFX also helps big time!

Guys, please also visit Jhanz's blog and YouTube channel. She is an amazing writer and an awesome content creator. :)

Thanks for the support! See you again!!!



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  1. Ganda ng hair! Pero mas maganda ka naks! Pa-tour naman sa LB oh!

    Style Reader

    1. Ipagda-drive ko nga kayo, 'di ba? Hahaha. Marunong na ako hanggang tercera! :P


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