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It's been more than a month since I've last posted here. I won't explain the reasons anymore. What's important is I have new content for you! YAY! ^_^

Outdoor photo at Nuvali
You missed this face, admit it! :P

Anyhoooooo... for the past weeks, I've been enjoying watching some YouTube videos that were the inspiration for this video and will be the inspiration for my upcoming pasabogs!

Can anybody help me define the word PASABOG (ᜉᜐᜊᜓᜄ᜔)? Hehehe. :P

So this is my first attempt to actually do a "vlog" wherein I talk in front of the camera. I realized tons of things not only about myself but about storytelling as well. Disclaimer: I am not always as calm (and as camera shy) as the girl you'll see in the video. Maybe it's because of my regular meditation (it feels good; add it to your daily routine!) or maybe I am really a changed woman. Aywow!

In this video, you'll see how I usually spend my "no-ganaps" weekend, if you know what I mean. Haha. 

Before I started this project, I've always wanted to create content similar to Anna Akana or the New Age Creators where 80% of the time, they talk in front of the camera. I can comfortably do lipsyncs and dance covers onscreen or onstage, but not speaking up my thoughts, etc.. I am also more of a 'write my musings' kind-of-person so I just need to practice more, I guess.


Now, let me share some technical stuff about my process of creating this video:

  • This is the longest video yet I created for my channel. This is also the longest editing time I dedicated to a video. It took me three (3) days to come up with the output (aside from the 2 day-shoot). I was meaning to post on a Wednesday like I always do, but I got sick. :( I'm well now! Yay! :)
  • Day Breakdown:
    Day 1: Curating of videos, cut and edit of Saturday vids, add music.
    Day 2: Cut and edit of Sunday vids, add subtitles, add music.
    Day 3: Color grade, doodle, animate, add the opening and closing title, and the long rendering. 
  • I used four (4) software to get the final look: Adobe Premiere Pro (main editing tool), Magic Bullet Photo Looks (for the color grading), Adobe Photoshop (for all the illustrations — I'm not confident with my Adobe Illustrator skills yet :p), and Adobe After Effects for the animation. 
  • As you all know, I use my iPhone to capture my videos and you may have observed that iPhone has this oversaturation thingy happening with their image and video color. Originally, my morning jog videos are too cool/blue (the sky was really blue the time I shot it :P), but since I'd like to have a calm vibe for this video entry, I decided to fade 'em a little through the Magic Bullet Photo Looks. Thus, I may look very pale in the video (those without makeup shots haha). 
  • This time I overused this new title animation I learned: the 'wiggle'. I think it's nice to look at (or not?). It is simple to do yet the effect is amusing. What's more amusing is how AE uses 'expressions' (similar to Web's codes) to actually create these effects. I wish to learn more 'expressions' and be more familiar with AE. There's so much you can do with it! However, it also requires patience which I currently don't have. :))

So here's the output. Enjoy! :D

What do you think of this type of video? Should I create more or should this be my first and last vlog? :P What do you think of my treatment? Share your thoughts below! :)

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Link to my YT Channel: INAHRTE YouTube
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And since the end of the year is quickly approaching and I've missed a lot of posts, I'd try my best to give you additional and brand ~NEW~ video contents (I'm working on them, promise!).

Wow. You actually finished reading this. Thanks for the love and support. I appreciate it! ♡

Advance Merry Christmas!

Outdoor night photo with Christmas lights

Photos found in this post are just some output from our weekend shoot. Big thanks to my supportive sisters. :))



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  1. Waaah ang saya! Inggit me sa photoshoot HUHUHU as in! Happy to see another vid of you! <3

    1. Dannaaa! Lam ko na! Magshoot din tayo! Yun ang objective ng pagkikita. Yay!!! Salamat sa sipag mo magcomment sa lahat ng platform haha. I feel loved. <3

  2. Sana maachieve ko din yang skillz mo sa video and editing. Photoshop muna ako hahaha! <3

    Style Reader

    1. Hahaha!!! This is basicz only. Sana mashare ko sa'yo how, pero once marunong ka ng photoshop, madali na lang 'to! :)


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