A Thriller Night: Halloween OOTD + Dance Cover

Another first! (for the family this time). First = UNA (ᜂᜈ)

Do you remember any entry for the "First" category? Well, here's mine.

Halloween costume homemade

First Halloween

It's Sanji's first legit Halloween experience so we were "pressured" to make it somehow special — thus, why not dress up?

Nothing was really planned beforehand except for Sanji's costume. We just grabbed whatever it is we found at home.

Choosing a Character

To be honest, I had a difficult time deciding which character to portray. I remember having many characters in mind but also finding reasons not to push through with the idea later on.

I also remember watching Riverdale (Season 1) this time and getting inspired by Cheryl Blossom's mysterious yet loveable character. And I thought it was the easiest to pull off — just wear anything red, right?

Here's a quick OOTD video to give you a more detailed view of what characters (and costumes) we came up with. PLUS A BONUS DANCE COVER INSIDE! HAHAHA


All I know is that I'm a fan of Stranger Things so I used their opening theme in this video. I used to also watched a lot of fashion or lookbook videos where I got the inspiration for the OOTD shots.

I remember these inspirations because that's what the costume event is all about — the costumes. Haha. Note to Self: Watching a lot of various videos does help.

I was also experimenting on how to make each video different from what I previously showed you. I hope you did watch something new from this approach.

Did you like what we did for Halloween? How did you enjoy yours? :)



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  1. Napaka creative ng family mo! Swerte ni Sanji ang raming pakulo ni tita! :)

    Style Reader

    1. HAHAHAHA and napaka-arte. :P Salamat, Arra! <3


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