From LB to LU (A Love Letter to Friends)

My friends and I went to La Union to spend a chill weekend together.  Before going there, we promised we would each produce a creative output from the trip. Since this week's episode is under the Balu-ART-e (Thoughts) section of my blog, I decided to create "A Love Letter to Friends" — a new mini-series I would like to dedicate to those people who changed my life.

I value my friends and treat them as a family and this is one way of expressing how much they mean to me. I hope to eventually create something for each and every friend I care for but for the mini-series' pilot run, let me dedicate this episode to Daria and Karen, the sisters I met in UPLB.

Vessel Hostel Photo La Union

Vessel Hostel Photo La Union

There are so many things I want to say about these two girls. This video is not enough to show how beautiful they are as people, but I hope this will give you an idea of why I love them both.

Sunset Beach Photo La Union

Get to know one of my closest set of friends as you also enjoy the view of La Union:

Sorry, but I think the video is cheesier than the Grilled Cheese Sandwich of El Union Cafe (paired with Cold Brew Mocha) and of Mad Monkeys' famous Burger! Mine's a Classic Burger upgraded to combo (includes fries and a soda) with additional roasted tomatoes.

Cheese sandwich and cheese burger from La Union


The video is a simple cut-to-cut with a voice-over: my usual. Haha. What makes this video special is that they didn't know what the output would be.

I already have a plan of how I want this video to turn out because I have my inspo video (cited in my video's description). It is always nice to have a plan, but it is also okay not to have one. And in case you do have a plan, don't be so frustrated because you cannot always get the shots you want. Don't let it ruin your vacation. If you are awesome (which I am sure you are), you'd find ways on how to maximize what you have.

(Also: Sometimes, what you have turns out better than what was originally planned. #SecretBlessing)

Anyway, I always tell them not to look at the camera so the videos would look candid, but of course, they still (and would always) say hi to the camera. Typical friends, lol.

I love the output and they said they did too!

Daria and Karen are both great artists. I encourage you to check out their personal passion projects:

Aside from writing, DARIA also loves to draw. She sketches her digital art using Adobe Sketch through her iPhone. Yes! She draws everything using her finger on her tiny phone screen. Here's a sample of her work:

Follow her works on IG: @dariadessine

KAREN recently launched her personal blog and is also practicing her video editing skills. CLICK HERE to check out her site. She is an amazing, honest, and inspiring writer!

Blog header photo Karen Sto. Tomas
Grabbed from

I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who also create and inspire.
I thank God I have them.

I'll update this page of their creative output from the trip as well, so watch out! :)
Thanks for all the love, KAIBIGAN (ᜃᜁᜊᜒᜄᜈ᜔)!

Edit: November 2, 2017

As promised, sharing with you the link to Daria's creative output:



(Create & Inspire Always)

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  1. Tara travel tayo gusto ko ng video. Char! Gusto ko talagang makasam ka huhu miss you! ❤

    1. HAHAHA! Nakakatawa ka, Danna! Pero we should nga!!! HUHU. Paano ba 'to?

    2. Gusto ko din tapos may sayaw! Hahahaha! Nagyaya si Pei magroadtrip!!!!

      Style Reader

    3. Antagal na nung sayaw video natin! Anuna! :)))

  2. Sa mga ganitong posts mo talagang masasabi ko na swerte ako na kaibigan din kita because you value us more than your friends parang sisters na. Naks!

    Style Reader

    1. Of course!!! Choosy ako sa friends. Dun lang ako sa totoo! :P
      I'm just returning the favor since the universe gave me such good friends. :) <3


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