Liham Para Sa'Yo (A Letter For You)

Helloooo! It's Valentine's day!

And I thought the best content I can share with you today is a letter from my heart.

I had a hard time thinking of what message I should give, but as I start, words just came out. I wanted to make it sound conversational but I guess the Tagalog language really has that poetic and romantic sound to it. (Isn't it lovely?)

inahrte | baguio | early morning | baguio park

I have a lot on my plate these past few days (and this reminds me I should be doing them already huhu!!!) and so I cannot shoot or edit something "special" for this day. But I did allot time to create this simple content which I hope you'd appreciate.

Editing Notes

It's a very quick edit. I recorded the audio after I finished the script. I chose the music. I used some footage I have (which I haven't used yet) from our 2019 trip to Baguio so enjoy the scenery! :D

This is one of the fastest videos I've done for the channel. I hope you enjoy this!

Looks like I'm getting faster each time, right? But I'm looking for improvement or new learnings or challenges. Maybe I'll try to experiment in my upcoming videos. For now, let's be happy with what we have.

How about you? How do you express your love or feelings on Valentine's Day? Tell me about it!

Today's Baybayin: Puso



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