YouTube Channels I Love (My Inspirations!) ♥️

Hi everyone!

Photos from respective owners: New Age Creators, Anna Akana, Ashley "BestDressed", and Jusuf

For the love month (late upload, I know!), I decided to share the YouTube channels that inspire me. This list is made up of my content and edit inspirations. Those channels that greatly affected the content creator in me.

Here's a quick list, you may click their channel names to see their channels for yourself:
  1. New Age Creators 
  2. Chase vs Everything
  3. Ana Marta
  4. Anna Akana
  5. Jusuf
  6. Best Dressed
  7. Dearly Bethany
  8. Haegreendal
  9. DARA TV
  11. Lavendaire
  12. Madelynn De La Rosa
  13. Barbie Vlogs
  14. Heart Evangelista
  15. SB19 Official
I thought of whether I should add a description about them or their channel right next to their names on the list but I figured you should just hear the explanation below.

Why don't you check them out? Enjoy!

Editing Note

Here's another attempt to free talk during a video shoot. I struggled again at first, so many repeated and unnecessary words, I know. But as the shooting goes, so does the thoughts overflow. I became more fluid and more character was shown (my personal observation).

And sorry for the setup, the closeup face, and the simple edit for this video. I have no other place to shoot this 'coz I wanted to release it asap.

But of course, I was late in editing so I did not meet the deadline I set for myself. I decided not to reshoot it because I might not able to say those free comments I have. (But now that I'm thinking about it, I should have reshot it so I can achieve the aesthetic I want.) :( Next time, next time.

And hopefully next free talk, I'd come up with a better video. :P

I also follow other favorite channels. Maybe I'll share them in a separate video.

Do you know similar channels with similar content and look? Please share them with me in the comments section below!

Today's Baybayin: 
Nood na!
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(Create & Inspire Always)

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