Maarte raw ang babae...?

Here's something I prepared (actually, rushed!) for International Women's Day, but something we can enjoy the whole month of March ('coz it's also the Women's Month!).

Women are usually called "maarte" in the Philippines, and like mentioned in this blog and passion project... the word is usually leaning towards a negative meaning.

I used my Instagram story to ask my friends what situations usually make people call them "maarte", and from there and my personal experience, I drafted the script.

I hope for this video, we learn or evaluate how we define the word 'maarte' and that all of us has his/her kaartehan.

Editing Note

Since I have a script again, I just followed the flow. I shot this without enough preparation so I just shoot what I can.

I also asked for my friends' comments on my message and they helped me fix it by sharing their thoughts. This is another controversial topic so it is important for me to hear other people's comments.

Prior to uploading, I also asked my sister to watch it one last time. I don't want another typo error! Haha.

There are still regrets. I am honestly not that satisfied with my output. I wish I could have shot it beautifully but when you have a target deadline and a full workload, you just got to do what you have to do.

And you know the secret behind the black and white videos! Hahaha.

This shoot reminded me that I need to buy lights, I need lapel microphones, I need a wider lens, and I need a place for myself. Hehe. Hopefully soon!

Here's the video. Enjoy!

Today's Baybayin: Maarte ka ba?
ᜋᜀᜍ᜔ᜆᜒ ᜃ ᜊ?



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