Sopas (A Short Film)

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for watching INAHRTE's first-ever short film! This wouldn't be possible without the help of my sisters. I asked them a couple of days before the shoot and they helped with the overall production, including improving my story concept.

inahrte | mothers day short film

The Story Inspiration

It was my birthday a year ago when mama greeted me and said that I no longer need her because I can do everything on my own. This made me think... and since then, this story has been in my head.

If you haven't watched it yet, here's the short film. Enjoy!

Editing Notes

I cannot really tell you much because I did not edit this video. My sister, Cathy, did. She also added the sound effects and did the color grading. She knew the story and what we wanted to achieve so everything went smoothly from there.

I just want to note that not because the video is short means it's easier to produce. I was supposed to do the editing for this one, but I've been trying for days and cannot force myself to start. My sister finished it in one night and I am happy with the output. I just gave little comments on some parts and she did the final revision.

As for my post-prod part, I added the logos, of course, and the music and text at the end. I was torn about whether I'll add music throughout but I guess a room ambient noise is enough. Plus, it's hard to find the perfect music that will communicate the feeling and intensity you want to share.

inahrte | mothers day short film

My other sister, Belle, did the acting and production design. It was a quick one afternoon shoot and although the script (my script) wasn't as polished as my other scripts, we managed to pull it off.

I believe this is better than a video of me acting, shooting, and designing the same story concept all on my own. Hahaha.

What do you think of our video? Let us know! :) 

Today's Baybayin:
Nanay (Mother)



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