Talking to My Younger Self

It's my birthday! Yay! Hehe.

I used to not make a big deal out of birthdays but I remember always wishing people to enjoy their day, so might as well practice what I preach.

I know this isn't the best time to celebrate because people are dying all over the world because of this yet unsolved pandemic. But I figured that my birthday is the best time to treat my family, who is every day struggling too, and the best time to share my blessings.

I already mentioned how I got a new job and it's a tough time to get a new work lately. I feel so blessed. This coming weekend, we'll have a little pool celebration. (This is another long story but my nephew, who will be celebrating his birthday soon as well, wanted to swim and see the ocean which is impossible at the moment.) I hope we get to pull it off!

I was having doubts earlier if I should feed my family nice food or just donate what I have. I then realized that I can do both. It would be costly, yes, but I can always earn the money back. I can never turn back the time. I want to create memories. These are my current thoughts.

INAHRTE | talking to my past self | happy birthday to me

Oh, I'm already 28! But I still feel like I'm 22 or 24.
As a way of giving back to the INAHRTE community, I created this birthday content.

This one is very personal because, in this video, I went through my journals since 2011 and shared some entries. I tried to compare how the current Inah thinks from the past Inah and see how much I've grown. I also shared some learnings/insights. I hope any of you will find my words helpful.

Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet. Tell me what you think of it!

It's a video inspired by Jenn Im's birthday video called "Teenage Thoughts".


The most difficult and time-consuming thing I did here is searching for relevant journal messages. I have so many long entries and so many journal notebooks, to begin with. I had to read everything again and to relive some painful and happy memories. It took me an entire night.

Then, I had to create my response for each, which was a bit easy because I always have a lot of opinions about myself hahaha. I also decided to limit the entries. No specific number in mind. I just added what I feel should add (not very helpful tip you got here! hahaha).

Recording the audio first is part of the success method again since this video is VO-heavy. (P.S. You'll hear the sound of the baby cats. They are dead now huhu. I miss them. They're so sweet! But their bodies are weak. Sad.)

Other challenges I experienced while making this video are tiredness and laziness. You might have an idea that I am also handling my other projects and I try to create content for each (visit INAH TV on my Instagram to see what I've been up to!).

This week is full of birthday-related content for my pages, and then there's work.

INAHRTE | Happy birthday INAH

The volume I do for work increases weekly. I am currently being trained to write fast and write many. Then, I have to also keep up with friends and family. And I have to do all the birthday prep such as planning, ordering the inflated pool and foods, budgeting, and making lists. They're kinda draining, but my family also helped.

It's no one's fault. No one forced me, but I decided that after my birthday, I'll have more rest days. Hehe. (While typing this, I found myself stealing some sleep in between. 😅)

Coming from those, I decided to make another list for this project to help me out! I listed the little work breakdown and check items one by one. It helped encouraged me to work and it also helped me feel productive.

Storyboarding also helps. I had so many ideas on how to make mine different from Jenn's, but the ideas overwhelmed me. Trying to lay them out helps me see things better. The original ideas, of course, weren't applied again but I'm happier with my final output.

Searching for a palette also helped. For 28th year celebrations, the orchid was the theme/flower so I applied it in this video.

I hope the almost 15-minute is worth it. Let me know what you guys think!

Today's Baybayin:
Kaarawan (Birthday)



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