The 2020 Everyday Makeup Tutorial You Need | How to Prep Yourself for the Day

Hello everyone! It's been how many months, and yet we're still here... stuck inside our homes. As long as you are safe and sane, I guess that's fine. Let's pray for everyone. :(

Anyway, here I am with another tutorial. This time, it's how I prepare myself for the day... or how I FACE THE DAY. HAHAHA.

inahrte how to face the day makeup tutorial

When I watched Anna Akana's makeup tutorial video, that's when I fell in love with her.  I knew I wanted to make the same videos as her... and here we are. I tried to not copy the message she gave entirely, and I hope I was able to give some personal touches to it.

inahrte makeup tutorial

I used to be not so confident about my 'bare face' but I, later on, learned to let go and just accept my face and skin for what they really are. But, of course, I still want to have that spotless skin! (SOON!!!)

I took this video at midnight again... one work night. I wrote the script in one seating. I had a hard time starting it, but I was surprised at how it turned out. I hope it was good for you too. 

inahrte makeup tutorial how to face the day


I think I'm starting to have a format for videos like this. Though, for this one, I tried to use many colors from the palette I chose. That's to match our colorful curtains. Hahaha.

I tried incorporating my handwriting here as well. I bought a drawing tablet and been practicing how to use it. I'm still a beginner, though. Hopefully, I get to master it soon.

I was recently inspired by Jenn Im's videos. I think I've mentioned her in my previous blogs. I love her video's graphics so I wanted to animate more in this video. However, patience and time are it's best enemy. I just settled with what I can do for now.

I don't know if I'm improving in terms of creating or video creation. From my perspective, it's hardly noticeable, so if you think I did a good job here (or not), please do let me know!

inahrte makeup tutorial how to pinoy products

Watch my video here, if you haven't yet:

What's your favorite step from my makeup tutorial video? Haha! Let me know in the comments section below!

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