First Book Is Coming Soon: A Glimpse on "Midnight Mind Games"

Hey, you!

It's been a while again. I'm just dropping by to immortalize this moment. Haha. I wrote a story at the start of the quarantine period and finished it in about three months (that's on and off, occasional writing). I managed to also finalize my dream book cover with the help of a friend. 

For now, I still have to make the ebook page layout so I can finally share it with some friends. I am also planning to release physical copies of it... but maybe to selected people only. I'm not confident yet with the thought of sharing it with other people.  But, here I am sharing it with you to prove that you can achieve what you want.

Gone are the days that I rely on fate to bring me the opportunities I want. Do I want to be a Disney princess? Do I want to create and edit my videos? Do I want to act or write a book? YES TO ALL OF THAT! Now, I do what I want and I find the way to make it come true, even if it's not as glamorous as others might think. :)

Original image from Unsplash | Art/Illustration by @dariadessine | Book layout by me

That's why, if you checked my profile here and on YouTube, I say "I make my dreams come true in my little ways" because I do try. 

Back to the book project!

I am not there yet. There is more work waiting because I am also looking forward to writing more stories to add to the collection. I only have one now. Five or six to come! However, we're here to celebrate our little wins. Midnight Mind Games is finished, and it's here. :)

I won't go full with the detail of the project yet, or what this particular story is about. I guess I'll create one for each story as soon as I finish all of them. But basically, these are my storiesreal-life stories turned into fiction. Oh, you get it. 

Anyway, here are the photos I shared on my Instagram post. These are the design studies for the book cover. Excited for you to read it soon!

I want to finish the entire short story collection ASAP and have them printed this year, but with the current happenings and my crazy-packed schedule, I'm not sure if that's possible. Let's see how it goes, but at least we're off to a great start! Claiming the success of this project already! ✨

Original image from Unsplash | Book illustration and layout by me

Will you be interested in reading my story? I hope you are. :)

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