Welcome to #INAHRTE!

After long years of waiting (well, at least, for me), this site is finally launched! MAGPUGAY ANG LAHAT!!!

'Magpugay' in Baybayin is ᜋᜄ᜔ᜉᜓᜄᜌ᜔
It means to congratulate, to greet, to salute, to welcome.

Create and Inspire
This is my Bella Powerword Keep Sake. A product of the collaboration of Belle de Jour x Istorya.


I spent three weeks creating and conceptualizing the overall look of my project only to change everything at the last minute. Last night, I meant during the wee hours of the morning, I had to start the site from scratch just because I was not satisfied with what I have. That's why you'll notice the site I showed in the video below isn't the current look of the site you are in now.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I can't help but feel the discontentment during the process of producing this project. (Take note, Inah! You're just starting!)

But hey, my thesis adviser (Hi, Sir Dennis!) once told me that every problem is an opportunity. These endpoints will push you to play around with what you have, stretch your limits, and maximize your creative skill. This is where the magic happens.

Allow me to explain.

I envisioned something different. The problem is I have minimal resources (as of the moment). I have no camera, no lights, no mic, no set, a very raw editing talent, and no other physical help (plus the very limited will to actually pursue this).

 I've been postponing this project just because I don't have a camera — which is not an acceptable reason for the gutsy Inah. :P I have a camera phone, I have a laptop, the internet, I have the time, sometimes I even have the place all to myself. And there's Mr. Sun for that much-needed light. I have everything I actually needed. (Sadly, as well as all the excuses I can think of.)

 I was feeling low and wasn't really in the mood lately but I have a deadline and I must meet THE deadline. There were so many things to think about: the brand, the logo, the sites, etc. What do I really want to do with all these? Do I really need this in my life? How badly do I want it? (Yes, apparently, this also involves so much introspection). I want to produce something I will be really proud of. So sinong mag-aadjust? I had no choice but to motivate myself, start, work on something, and find inspiration as I go along the way.

 It is by doing that you actually learn and later on enjoy. I have been a frustrated filmmaker/video editor since high school and I am happy that I was able to learn new tricks and editing hacks from doing this one-minute video alone. Imagine how much more I will learn in the coming days!


Do not overthink. Do not stress yourself (been telling this to self a hundred times already). What's important is that you START. (And please stop criticizing yourself especially when there's nothing to critique yet.) :P

The beginning is always the hardest — I'll talk about this in my succeeding blog entries — but with so much love and support from my dearest friends (at yung natitirang determination ko to get what I want — na surprisingly meron pa pala) — we made it!

Let's talk about the making of the "trailer" video.


For the making of the video, I used Adobe Premiere Pro as my main editing tool. I also added some animations (from Adobe After Effects) and sound effects to make the message pop.

For my site, I chose Blogger as my host. I love how it is directly linked with my YouTube channel so I can easily select from the collection what to feature in my blog post. It is also linked with Gmail and Google.

I also did a lot of the text and effects with the help of Adobe Photoshop. I'm more comfortable using a photo instead of the sample text formats from Adobe Premiere Pro. (I was having a hard time achieving the effects and texts I want.)


1. Creating the brand

Before everything here happened, I conceptualized what my project would be about. This included the brand name, the colors, the type of content you'd find inside, the categories, and many more — this was to make sure that I understand what I want and so that everything you'd find here would be coherent. And this is a crucial and important part!

The challenge for me was I want so many things and I want to do a lot of different things. But I think I was lucky enough to come up with a concept that would encapsulate everything. You may read more about this in "the project" section of this site.

2. Writing the Script

And then comes the most essential part... the SCRIPT!

I did not have difficulty coming up with the script for this video because I have my brand bible. Everything I needed to share about this project was already thought of and all I needed to do was to organize them into an easy-to-understand flow.

3. Shooting the Clips

This was the most challenging part, I must say. Hahaha! It's because I only used my phone and I didn't have any tripod yet to help hold my phone in position. I also wanted to produce more than what I need and that meant exerting more effort for some clips.

Thank God I also have a lot of unused clips I finally put them to good use.

4. The Editing

Although this video was shorter, it took me a while to finish it. I haven't been editing much so it felt like I'm starting again. It was also the first time I attempt to create a video with a lot of animations in it. Though minimal, they took time too.

It's not perfect and it's not as professional looking as others, but I am very proud of what I was able to produce given the tight self-deadline.

So here's our very first episode! Let me formally introduce you to my project through this video. Enjoy!



(Create & Inspire Always)

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  1. May sarili ngang pa-pace! Tuwang tuwa naman ako at na-launch na 'to! Siyempre una ko sa kaartehan na ito! I love you, congrats, and I'm so happy for you!

    Style Reader

    1. Arra! So much love! Haha. Salamat! Super mixed feelings ako kanina about all these pero I'm so overwhelmed with all the positive response (ay wow) haha. Sa next episode ko pa iintroduce ang aking PACE hahahaha. Abangan mo 'yan. :) ♡

  2. Congratulations, ate Inah! I'll be reading your entries or watching your vlogs hihi :) <3

    1. Marenz!!! Hindi ko akalaing mapapadpad ka here. Maraming maraming salamat. <3 Sana ma-enjoy mo ang aking mga likha hihi. ♡

  3. Ang galing mo inah!!! Love it!!! ❤❤❤ go lang ng go. Salamat sa inspiration.

    1. YES! I-Go-Go talaga natin 'to hehe. Salamat rin sa lahat ng mabubuting salita, Danna!!! Hihi. ♡

  4. I'm so proud!! Those late night kaartehan in the office turned into something more meaningful! This site is so you, Yannagirl. Support kita all the way <3

    1. Carmigirl! You are here! 😭 Yes! Tama ka dyan! Thanks so much for the support. ♡

  5. INAAAAH! ANG GALING!!! I really see your hear in this.

    1. Awww thank you so much, Luweebee ♡♡♡ :')

  6. I love it Inah! Na-teary-eyed ako i swear! Waaaaa, so happy you're finally doing this! :) <3

    1. Kareeeen! Grabe! Huhu salamat salamat! Let's collab on our minute story/ies soon. Para sa atin 'to lahat haha! Let's do it! ♡

  7. I'm so excited to see the beauty and inspiration you have to offer the world Inah! All the love and hugs! ❤️

    With stories to tell,
    (Living in 365)

    1. Thank you so much, Rach! ♡ The feeling is mutual! Let's do this. ♡

  8. Hi? can i call u ate?

    maybe di mo ko kilala, i just watched your tutorial of baybayin a month ago, and i found your project cute, cool and inspiring. habang pinapanuod ko mga videos and binabasa mga blogs mo. (well am just starting) 😊 nafeel ko na we have the same passion. di ko lang nalalagyan ng focus in the past years pero this is also what i wanted.u inspire me to push. but for now, im planning pa if i can pursue it. maybe with the help of other people and God. One day i'll have my own site too. 😉

    1. Hello hello! Why did you not introduce yourself? :D But I think I have an idea about who you are. Haha.

      Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate and love it. :) I am actually caught up with so much in life lately that I haven't updated this project yet, but I am trying my best to keep up with comments like this. Thank you for motivating me to push pa more. Hahaha. Kind words like these also inspire me. ♡

      And don't worry. Everything has the right timing. If I can help in anyway, let me know! Just don't ignore that calling. ;) Hindi yan ibibigay ni God without a purpose. :) Give yourself a target and focus on your goal and you'll make it. I hope this message reaches you. ♡


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