First Partnership!

Days before my project INAHRTE's Anniversary, my first "partnership" output came out.

Just recently, The House Committee on Basic Education and Culture approved Baybayin as the National Writing System in the Philippines. To know more about this, D5 Stories, a social media-based video documentary platform, invited experts to tell us more about the topic. Watch out for their informative videos about this coming soon!!!

I was also tapped to help create a quick tutorial on this based on my original YouTube tutorial. Watch the video here.

Behind the scene Baybayin Tutorial Video

Studio set up behind the scene Baybayin tutorial

Sir Leo Baybayin Expert Behind the Scene shoot

Fun Fact: My Baybayin Tutorial is the only video in my channel not originally found in my content calendar  what I meant to say is it wasn't planned. I needed to upload something that week that's why I decided to create it. And I'm so happy that it helped different people from different walks of life (somehow) learn how to do it — the basics, at least.

Reading their comments and questions really warms my heart. Some even share facts and techniques which made my video's comments section a learning platform for everyone. This is why I am going to compile this information soon for everyone else to know.

I'm so happy how this little project became an instrument of learning. My only goal was to CREATE and INSPIRE and I'm glad that others found LEARNING in between.

If you haven't watched my YouTube tutorial yet, here you go:

ᜆᜇ ᜀᜆ᜔ ᜋᜄ᜔ᜐᜓᜎᜆ᜔!
(Tara at magsulat!)



(Create & Inspire Always)

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