HS Sleepover Again After 10 Years!!!

Long time no vid!

I forced myself to create this in preparation for my passion project's upcoming one year anniversary. I know, right?! It's that long already! I wished I created more output these past few months. Sadly, LIFE HAPPENED. (Wait, hindi dapat sad kasi masaya naman ang life kahit maraming challenges haha!)

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Hoping to share my stories with you soon. A lot of exciting things happened  the reason behind the 'no videos (and tulog) for a while' shizz. I really am praying that THIS will be another good start for me.

As for the anniv post, I have this concept in mind. I hope I get to execute it well. Hihi. Enough with this long unrelated message. This is supposed to be about my new post!!! HAHA.

So this is actually a VLOG, not the usual creative vid. Finally, after 10 years, my HS best friends and I get to have our sleepover again! (With cute jammies, of course!) The last one we had was in 2008. Tagal na, 'no?

Sleepover cute jammies

My Other Family

Hindi nga lang kami kumpleto. :( Our Mami is currently in Hong Kong. Wait, let me explain first. We have our little high school family kasi. Kayo rin ba may ganito noon? Let me introduce the members quickly. Here is a photo of our little family with my li'l descriptions. (Sorry, fam. I tried to look for a better photo pero sa sobrang dami ng files, ito na lang una kong nahugot. Hahaha.)

High School Family Tree

Sobrang laki ng family tree namin. Meron pa kaming mga ninong, ninang, at butlers from different year levels and sections. HAHAHA. Will explain it in another time kasi baka maging essay na 'to.

The Sleepover

I really had an awesome time with these girls two weekends ago. It was nice to catch up, share thoughts about the past (and have mini closures haha), and talk about the scary future with those who really know you.

Things changed, definitely! Dapat lang, kasi mas scary kung static lang, 'di ba? Also, we already have two little cuties in addition to our 'family' (hello Marcus Piol and Baby L.A.). Sino na kaya ang next? :P

After Thoughts

Just wanna say that you should contact your "old" or "HS" friends too and have a little date with them. Minsan iniisip natin na bakit pa? May iba-iba na tayong life now, but 'yun nga 'yun e!

Iba-iba na kayo ng life kaya mas masayang magcatch up. Sila ang mga nakasama mo since you were young (as in 12-16 years old, kaloka!), they know more of how much you've grown.

Masayang mag-reminisce about the past, magkwentuhan about the present, and may karamay ka pa rin sa mga questions mo about the future. You may have different life directions and priorities now, pero pare-parehas pa rin kayong hindi alam ang ginagawa sa buhay (true story) and the happiness is still the same. Sometimes, more than what you expect pa nga. It is truly worth it, I swear!

Kitang-kita naman dito kung gaano kami kasaya:


Obvious na obvious how different my take is in this video. I tried doing this "menu page" para mas clear and narration. I thought of doing this since I only have a few clips. But apparently, after finishing the video, I realized I have enough videos lang pala hehe.

I used nostalgic 2000s songs to bring back some old feels, but it's not a good strategy if you want to monetize your videos because of COPYRIGHT! Make sure to also credit the proper owners of things you use. :)

I also have an intro in this video — another method of adding clarity to the very magulo files. And my favorite is adding the subs (in not the usual format) so you'd understand the conversation of those inaudible clips with inaudible.

I also added locations pins! I love location pins hihi. But I used a different one this time. And did you notice the use of white? I was into very clean and classy looks recently. I'm not sure if that's how it turned out. Lol.

A new thing I tried: Inserting a Facebook Live in the video. It's cute and cool! :D

HAHA. Hope you had fun watching our crazy little trip. Have fun with yours too and share how your date went below!!! :)




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  1. Waaaah ang saya nung slum book, letters, plus the old pictures! Hahaha. Sa amin section, di ko alam bakit pero ako ang laging tagakuha ng picture so ang dami kong picture nila na kasumpa sumpa hahahaha <3 love this vid! More please!

    1. HAHAHA! Ang saya magtago ng mga photos pang-blackmail 'no? HAHAH JK! Thanks sa support, as always, Dannabels! <3


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