My Workout Routine | How To Be Strong

If there's one thing this year (or this decade) made me... it is definitely a stronger me.

And in this new post, I decided to share my routine on how to be strong. You know I love concepts with two meanings haha. So maybe you have an idea of how I define "strong" in this content.

I found myself really into my fitness journey this year — to the point that I have thought of this. Well, this video was inspired by my favorite Anna Akana's video.

asian woman fit outdoor inahrte

I hope I was able to add my personal touch to this. I had a difficult time thinking of the exercises I can shoot at home but eventually failed.

Good thing I was able to shoot some gym shots in this local gym I go to, and the coach/es were nice enough not to judge me as I shoot some clips. Hahaha. (Note: They also gave me privacy.)

It is also a struggle shooting outdoors. I preferred an outdoor shot for this because of better lighting (I don't have video lights yethopefully soon!).

But the challenges I encountered include different brightness/intensity of sunlight, noise (OMG! AS IN!), and the random people or cats you see in the background. I decided to let go and just film whatever I can. It adds a touch of "me", I guess?

Despite my x months of going to the gym, I am still a beginner. There are so many exercises to learn, and so much muscles to gain. I am still in my journey towards weight gain.

Watch 'My Workout Routine | How To Be Strong' video here: 

Editing Notes

Another fast editing for me! I finished, rendered, and uploaded it in just 4 hours! Can you believe it? It's thanks to the script!

But I hate that I have a typo error in this video. I hope you don't notice, but I'm sure you'd do. So another note to self: Have someone else check the video for you. Or if you have time, rest after the render or leave it overnight and then review it again with fresh eyes.

Anyway, I hope you get to enjoy my video entry today whether you are also into workouts or not. If you did, please leave a comment below. I'd love to read your thoughts!

asian woman poses outside summer | INAHRTE

Tara, magbuhat!
ᜆᜍ, ᜋᜄ᜔ᜊᜓᜑᜆ᜔



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