Sunday ♡

Slowly, I learned to appreciate Sundays and I want to make a video that will show how special this day can be.

inahrte | cat at the backyard | green eyed cat

In this video, I want people to appreciate the beauty of stillness. Of the pause. Of the calm before the storm.

My peg for this video is Haegreendal. She is a Youtuber mom whose videos I immediately fell in love with because of its clean and minimalist style, its ASMR effect, and the serene feeling they bring. 

I like how personal her videos are without her even showing her face. If you like watching cleaning videos, cooking videos, and just living the perfect and peaceful life away from the noisy world, you should check out her channel.

But unlike hers, our house is not minimalist and absolutely not that clean. I'm not sure if it will bring you peace. In short, the setting is not as perfect as hers. The camera lens isn't also as high-tech as hers. But it's okay. This rawness gives character and uniqueness to my content. Plus, I wasn't planning on copying her entire video. I was just inspired by the after-feels they give me.

That's what I wanted to pull off.

INAHRTE | Garden roses

Haegreendal's videos are mostly shots of how she lives her daily life. There's no VO. There's no script. Just a piece of good music, a series of good shots, and some on-screen text to read. I like how she narrates how her day goes and then shares little life learnings or tips within. You get so much from the experience. 

I also like her shooting and editing style. She's a graphic artist by profession, that's why!

See my video version here:

Editing Notes

For this video, the script was written first. And then I searched for the best music. What I did new for this is I added the text first before I shot the videos. I'm not even sure what kind of visuals I'll show but I already plotted the music and text. I had to make sure one music is enough for this content ('coz it's difficult to find the right music!).

After shooting the videos, I just inserted the clips. I was able to shoot in one day and edit real quick after. And that's it!

I want people to feel relaxed and calm as they watch my video. I want to incorporate nice visuals too. I hope I was able to achieve it. What do you think?

Today's Baybayin:



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