SB19 Dance Cover: Go Up + Alab

Hey hey hey!

This week's video is a new one. Well, of course! But also new in the sense that this is my first dance cover posted on my channel.

I've always wanted to post covers on my YouTube channel (both song and dance covers) but I don't have the confidence. It's different compared to just posting on IG Stories or Facebook My Day (yes, I post a lot of dance and singing snippets there haha).

On YouTube, anyone from around the globe may find my video, watch it, and comment on it. I know that I'm not a great dancer or singer. I'm not afraid of criticism. I am more afraid of my standards. I'm scared of disappointing myself or worse, become frustrated with myself.

inahrte | sb19 dance cover | go up | alab

It happened in the making of this video.

Editing Notes

My first source of disappointment is the location. I don't have a nice space to shoot inside our house. While outside, ashes from the recent Taal eruption are still scattered around. I didn't know it would be that difficult to dance on the concrete, rough, cemented floor of our subdivision. 

I also experienced a lot of distractions like the strong wind (with ashes) — it pushes me off-balance literally (you can also attribute that to the floor). Cars and motorcycles pass by. People walking — I always get distracted thus, limiting my movements.

I wished to shoot indoor and maybe with decent lighting and good space but there are no areas like that in our neighborhood. There are also no dance studios for rent nearby. What a sad fact.

My second frustration is my dance itself. I honestly tried my best and gave out all the energy I have but it does not translate in the video. Haha. The dance is also supposed to be a group dance and I'm all alone so I had to deal with it.

My third frustration is the edit (at first). Because I'm not happy with my performance, I thought of making the editing interesting. My initial idea was to add scribbles with a glow effect similar to what fans do in the dance videos of their idols. Unfortunately, it would only work (or at least look better) if the setting is somehow toned down and the lighting is not too bright (unlike what outdoor shots would bring you).

I still tried to do it via After Effects. I had fun learning how to create the effect, but it was challenging. I only used my laptop's trackpad while I doodle per second (and I even used the 30 frames per second setting for my video! UGH!). You get it. I was able to create fun doodles but I was not happy because the output is not the same with what I imagined. (Again, high standards! Haha.)

inahrte | sb19 dance cover | go up | alab

So I started again and decided to use the method I'm good at — the text on-screen with a bit of play with how the videos were inserted. HAHA. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Definitely better than the doodle version. 

I hope I can also share the output of the doodle I did, maybe in another video? I'm not sure but I'm sure I'd keep it.

Why SB19?

I'm a fan! I loved their song even before I learned to love them. (That's a good thing, right? Also, they're not that difficult to love!)

I have always been a fan of pop songs. That's why their song 'Go Up' immediately clicked with me. I had the song on loop last year to the point that they became my Spotify's Artist of the Decade — which was funny because I only discovered them mid last year. 

Side note: I also love 'Go Up' because of the song's message. I listen to it every time I needed that push.

Anyway, since I've been fangirling for a while now, I decided to finally learn the dance and document it through a video as a release of all these (positive) fangirl angst in me. HAHA. It is also a show of appreciation and love for them.

For those who don't know SB19, look them up. Listen to their songs. Get to know them and you'd surely end up like me. (That's a warning, but do check them out!)

Here is my dance cover. I hope you'd enjoy watching it.

More Editing Notes

There's a lot of steps before I was able to make this video:
  • Mix the song
  • Learn the dance (They made it look easy but it was not! Thanks to the tutorials and dance videos online!)
  • Practice -- I wish I had the time to also practice 1,000 times to make it look better :(
  • Shoot the dance
  • Edit
  • Edit again

It took me 2-3 weekends to finish this. As you know I have work and I need to deal with other responsibilities too, but I'm so proud I managed to insert the "SB19 video" in my busy schedule. 

Learning: If you really want something, you'd find ways.

Thank you to my sister, Cathy, for shooting my video again.

I dedicate this video to Baby White, the cat. You will always be remembered.

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