Q&A Game! (Inahrte x What's The 411?)

Hello! Long time no upload!

what's the 411 podcast girls with INAHRTE

I have something new for you! For this video, I have guests! First time yata 'to na I sit down for a Q&A with my friends.

Well, I've introduced to you my other passion project and I want to also create something about it in this passion project. I'm super thankful for my sisses dahil game na game naman sila.

what's the 411 podcast girls with INAHRTE

In this video, we (your WHAT'S THE 411? Girls) try to answer some of your life questions through a game! (WOW!) Hahaha. Well, we tried. Hope you'll enjoy it (and sana may napulot kayo at kahit papano ay nakilala niyo kami!).

Here's Part 1 of the INAHRTE x What's The 411? Q&A Video:

Watch the second part here:

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Editing Note

The challenge I encountered here was how to break it into two parts because the videos were so long! It's sad 'coz I had to delete some items and I find each insightful, but that's life. You have to do what you have to do. Haha.

My note to self when recording things like this is to also have an initial plan on how long you should shoot. For this we did not have any limit, which isn't ideal. If you need a break, include it in the shoot too para may proper and smoother transition towards the next part.

Hindi ko yon both nagawa for this video but nagawan din naman ng paraan hehe. I hope magwork? Let me know!

The second video is very long also, but I hope it did not feel dragging or what. And again, we hope may nakuha kayo from the kwentuhan. ;)

Oh! Another note to self: don't forget to take a photo for the video cover! I only did screenshots from the video. Challenging 'coz not everyone is "prepared" at the same second. Haha. Oh well! Learnings!

what's the 411 podcast girls with INAHRTE


Today's Baybayin:
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