Happy Two Years ♥

It has been two years and one month since I launched this project.

Animated Inah with crayon drawing | INAHRTE

I've posted 20 videos (plus this one) on my YouTube Channel and posted 27 write-ups on this site. I wish that for the next season, I'd be able to create more and inspire more.

Thank you to everyone who supported me since day one, and to those who constantly check for my blog updates and continuously push me to create some more. You don't know how much your kind words uplift and motivate me to become and do better.

Almost all of us understand how 'starting' can be the most difficult step in any project making. I remember my struggles when I started this project which I talked about in my first ever blog post here, but I must say, staying consistent and doing all the hard work to maintain the project is just as difficult.

Content ideas do not easily come, but implementing and making these ideas come to life is where the real challenge takes place. Especially when you are #adulting and juggling so many things in life.

That's what my anniversary video is all about. Here I share the struggles I go through when I'm in the process of creating (which I also experienced during the creation of this video).  

(Special thanks to my sister, Cathy, for helping me with the animation.)

Do you experience the same too? How do you deal with this?
Share with me your story!

You have to take note, though, that the struggle is a vital part of the creation process. It adds flavor to both your creativity and output. It helps you grow in little ways you wouldn't understand now, but it does.

Editing Notes

Since this blog was also made for me to have the platform to share my creation processes, here's this video's little story.

INAHRTE Inah getting paper animation

It took me more than a year to actually finish this. I was planning to release it as my first anniv post but what happened? Haha. It's not because the animation and editing took time in creation. Well, it did but it's not the sole reason for the more-than-a-year delay of publishing this. Haha.

Sometimes, we have to put some things aside to accommodate more important things in life. There are important things, but there are also those important and urgent things which should be addressed immediately. As much as you and I would want, we can't do everything all at once. In life, we have to prioritize. I consider it as one form of self-care.

That's why for this year, I sacrificed what I have to and asked the help of my sister... just so I can finally release this. Yes, finally!

For this video, I reconstructed my work process. I usually start with the script, then filming follows, and then the voice-over comes, followed by the editing (which includes choosing the music).

For this special video, I started with the script as usual (it's the backbone, you know). What made this different is I did the voice-over and chose the music to go with it first (this is the most difficult part 'coz it will affect the overall feel of the video) before shooting.

I was looking for a piece of music which was not too serious but not too pumped up as well. After the long search, I was happy to find the perfect touch I needed! I had to keep the VO within the music's length so I wouldn't need to look for another music. :P

Inah with animated wand doodle

Afterward, with the help of my sister Cathy, we shot the photos for this video using my camera phone. Yes. They are all photos shot in 2018. I had to crop each action one by one, enhance them, fix how they will be laid out on the screen (using Photoshop) and transfer them to Premiere to create the stop-motion look.

For the background, my sister doodled images through Photoshop and animated them using Sony Vegas Pro, and then transport them back to Premiere to assemble everything. I believe you can use one editing software to do all these (like importing the Adobe files to other Adobe software) but I, personally, haven't tried it yet.

Another challenge I had was wanting to finish this project sooner but LIFE happened (to clarify, what I meant were responsibilities which required more of my attention and needed more of my time). But let me just also share that I learned to just accept that things have proper timing indeed.

I used to be the person who was so strict about my deadlines, who gets frustrated each time my plan doesn't work out as I envisioned it, but hey, the universe has a better plan than me as always.

I hope you keep that in mind too. Like what they say, "trust your struggles." :) 

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Maligayang Anibersaryo!
ᜋᜎᜒᜄᜌᜅ᜔ ᜀᜈᜒᜊᜒᜇ᜔ᜐᜇ᜔ᜌᜓ!



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