Can We Just Go Back to Normal?

In Laguna, we're currently on Day 21 of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

For those who don't know or those reading this in the future, ECQ simply means that people should stay in their homes to help "flatten the curves" of this pandemic called COVID-19.

INAHRTE | Covid 19 | Back to normal

Like any other thing, it has its good and bad sides but I won't talk about it in this blog post. Let's talk about the video.

Editing Notes

This 'locked down' period has made us think of various things about life or the world — that's for sure.

The title — this question has been in my thought lately. And I've been seeing a lot of posts and reading a lot of articles about it. So I decided to make a quick video about it.

I've postponed a lot of content the past month (and I'm not yet sure about this month). Despite being at home and having "time", sometimes you just can't be productive. And it's okay! We're in a pandemic. People are suffering. It's okay to just be still and breathe.

Here's my output. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.


I always get inspiration from other people. For this one, I saw a video from Jenn Im and thought that it's simple and interesting, and would fit the message I want to say. (Jenn Im has a lot of good videos too! The edits are lovely as well!)

I sometimes think that I am a 'fake creative' hahaha. It's because lately, I have a lot of ideas but also, a lot of these ideas came from other people's ideas. But I guess using the term 'fake creative' is a bit harsh because, well, we all get inspiration from the people and work around us.

In writing, you have to copy others' voices first before you find your own. That's how we grow.

INAHRTE | Covid 19 | empty street


Please do watch and watch more videos whenever you feel like not doing them. Interesting videos online do have a big impact on me and my creations. They do spark joy and spark ideas and more.

Oh! And this is the first time I've used my updated logo and end frame. Hihi.

INAHRTE | covid 19 stay at home

What do you think of the new look? And how do you define 'NORMAL'?

Today's Baybayin:



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