Draw From Memory | Family Edition

Hello, everyone! Hope you are all safe~

The enhanced community quarantine has been extended to two more weeks here in the Philippines. It will end on April 30, 2020.

Since we're all stuck in the house (and are very lucky to do so — special thanks to all hardworking COVID-19 warriors out there helping us!), we decided to create a video to give you some good vibes this Easter Sunday.

(It was said that this is the first Holy Week without people outside since WWII.)

The Inspiration

Ever since discovering Buzzfeed's Animators VS Cartoonists: DRAW-OFF, I've been dying to play the game with friends. I've thought of a way on how to 'document' the digital drawing in case I have the iPad or Wacom but unfortunately, I don't have the gadgets yet so it's just stuck in the 'To-Do List when I can...'

But because the family likes to draw (maybe you can't see it well in this super rushed competition 😅), I told them we should play it. Luckily, they're into it. (Or they don't have a choice?)

The Set-Up

>> It was supposed to be a simple set-up but my sister (#3) insisted we should make it look cuter, so that's why there are toys around.

>> Everyone helped out. We have two camera phones each to document the drawing. (Sorry for the quality!)

>> My sister (#1) provided the colored pens. And we have unused papers in the house. It is better to use recycled papers though. (We already used all our recycled papers for our cats.)

>> My brother used his car's sun reflector so we can get more light inside. We only used a table lamp to add more light beside the house light. It was night time when we shoot.

>> The main camera we used is my Canon M50 with a kit lens on a tripod. Hehe. One is in charge of the main camera and she also holds the timer.

>> For the timer, it's just another phone.

>> Everyone suggested characters to draw.

Note to Self: Maybe we should have one fixed look for the second cameras. Sometimes, we can't help but laugh and then the camera shake happens. 😅


I've finished editing this in one and a half working days. Usually, edits like this will take me maybe 3-4 days? So I can say I am improving, in a way. (Or is it because the content is much simpler than others? Hehe. Oh well, let's count our blessings.)

I am not very satisfied with the logos, animations, and other artworks found here though. I know there's more to improve and I am excited to learn more. I wish I am more knowledgable in using After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. They've been sitting in the 'To Learn list' for a while now. Gahhh there's so much to learn in this world! Haha.

So for the process, this time, I tried to edit them separately or in parts. I am so tired of suddenly deleting one item and them I am forced to start again because I can no longer recover it. (Remember: You should change the settings of your History or Undo in Premiere Pro and Photoshop to avoid this. Max it out to 99 times! Hahaha.)

I'm familiar with using the "Sequence" for this purpose but sometimes I just ignore it. Haha. In my Premiere Pro file, you'll see the following:

  • OBB (Opening) 
  • Instructions
  • Rounds
  • Extro

And then I added one last sequence called "FINAL" to stitch them all together.

Here's the video output. Enjoy watching!

And since this will have an Episode 2 (or more, we will never know), I decided to also export the intro, extro, and instructions in separate video files I can use in future episodes. I also created a "cleaner" version — meaning versions without the information that may change in the future, such as the episode number, the players, the judge, etc. 😁

(I'll leave Episode 2 here as soon as it's published, so watch out!)

I exported some into Animation (.MOV) 8+Alpha files so I can put them as an overlay (with transparent background) into future videos. 

I hope everything's clear. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below or send me a message! 😉

And P.S. 

We don't have to be "productive" during this pandemic. It's okay. I am just used to 'forcing' myself to produce things to feel better. I see this as a distraction since the world is kinda depressing lately. We all have different ways to cope. And there's no problem with that! 😉

Disclaimer: The cartoon characters, animals, and knight images used are not mine. The animated 2-minute timer is from startgrid YouTube channel.

Today's Baybayin:
GUHIT - the Tagalog term for 'draw'



(Create & Inspire Always)

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