Practice Reading Baybayin

I decided to insert this content this month because my 'Writing Baybayin' video reached its 100k views. I don't usually mind numbers but this is an achievement for a small-time content creator like me. It means my video reached a number pair of eyes. Nakakatuwa!

I hope those who watched the video did learn something. If you haven't watched it yet, I will link it plus the other Baybayin video below.

This time, I created a 'practice reading' video for Baybayin. I've been receiving a lot of comments on how reading is the harder part of the learning process. It does take time. And sometimes after learning how, you'd forget again (frustrating, right?) but the secret is practice, practice, practice.

So allow me to help you practice a bit.

I remember writing diary entries in my notebook or tweeting using my Baybayin keyboard, and then trying to read them again days after writing or posting. I also like to read tattoos (guess what Bretman Rock's Baybayin tattoo means!) and other materials I find online.

Anyway, you might be here in my blog post because you're looking for the answer to the last question I posted in the video. Here you go (though I'm sure you've already seen it because the image is too big haha!)  

Is your answer correct? If not, what word was difficult? And what is your answer to this question? Would you want me to create a short story for you to read? Let me know in the comments section below!

The Challenge

Besides the actual reading, another challenge would be understanding the font used. It's like our handwriting. They vary. So if you're not familiar enough with the whole writing system and then you see the characters written differently, it would create confusion.

The font I used for the video is slightly different to add up to the challenge. If you notice, they use a different character for 'da' and 'ra'. Who else noticed it too? 🙋‍♂🙋‍♀

Editing Notes

I mostly used free graphics I found online for this video — yes, this is a disclaimer that I don't own the graphics nor the fonts used. Hehe.

Since all my previous Baybayin videos used a warm wood color for the base (which I didn't plan), I decided to align the third video to them.

This one was simpler because all I needed to do was to list down the words and phrases I wanted to include in the quiz.

I've laid them out on Photoshop, animated the images in Premiere Pro, and then exported it!

I've spent more time looking for a calm yet bright free music on YouTube than the actual planning for the video.

I am supposed to make the changing of the font to red per letter instead of the sliding effect to the entire word, but I am too lazy today that I decided to just do the slide — sorry, this might not make any sense but what I'm trying to say is I am too lazy to make the change-in-font color effect better.

Here's the video so you understand me better:

And here are the other Baybayin videos I did on my channel:

Here I teach how to write each character ⬇⬇⬇

Here I answered some 'Frequently Asked Questions' about Baybayin and my tutorial video ⬇⬇⬇

Thank you for reading! Watch out for more videos this month! Yay!

Today's Baybayin:
'Practice' in Tagalog is 'ensayo'



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