Paa Sa Lupa (Feet On The Ground)

APRIL is Earth month and I want to create special entries for this month.

This is a photo from our Caramoan trip in 2016. I'm with my Soc brods and sisses. We call our group 'La Lulz' hihi. 

This will be my first entry and I hope there will be more videos to come. I have plans but I'm not sure if my will and determination are enough to make them come to life. Hehe. I hope they are and I will do my best too! One thing I'm sure of is I'm excited!

Although the future is still uncertain because of this crucial and big change that is happening, there's one thing that remains constant... it's the importance of taking care of the world we are living in.

For this first video, I created a literal (and I hope figuratively too) way of appreciating 'Earth'.


Whenever I feel stressed out with work (I work from home), I would step outside and just water the plants. It feels therapeutic and relaxing.

That's when I noticed how awesome it is that I am literally standing on top of the world. Haha. The idea might be funny but we don't always realize it.


I pressed some words and then they just started to flow. For this one, I'm not sure if I was able to communicate what I really feel. Like what I mentioned in the voice over (VO), I don't know what I want this video to achieve. Maybe, I was hoping for other people to also realize the magic and that's it.

It is important to have a fixed goal on every output, but sometimes not having a specific message can also be a goal. (Or is this just an excuse?) Haha.


This video kinda ended up like the last one, which for me is quite disappointing. I was hoping to explore more styles but during the shoot, I realized I was too tired or too lazy (I'm not even sure) to do so.

I just promised myself that I'd put more effort in the next two videos I have in mind. The one video is researched heavy and the other one is more on visuals. I'm mentioning them for accountability haha. And then let's all laugh when none of these come true.

Going back...

What I did here instead is to make use of some "unused" clips I have in my drive. Thankfully I have very useful ones and I discovered I have so many good clips as well. Maybe I should make use of them all! Anyway, that's a talk for the future.

Here's the video so you have an idea of what I'm talking about:

So, how was it? What did you get from it? I'm curious because I think the messaging is a bit confusing hahaha.

Oh, I also want to share that for the past three (3) videos, I've been using a palette first before I create visuals (artwork speaking). I'm now dependent on pre-selected color combinations so I hope everything's more visually pleasing than before? Is it even noticeable? 😛

I am also very into earth tones lately, which is perfect! Did you notice it too? Haha!

That's it for now. Time to work on the other videos now!
P.S. I hope you don't hate seeing feet hehe. I, personally, don't like it, but I have to. 😐

Today's Baybayin:
Paa (or foot/feet!)



(Create & Inspire Always)

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