10 Simple Ways To Help Save Mother Earth

Hey, lovelies!!!

The thought of saving the world is intimidating, I know, but no one else is concerned and willing to do it other than us.

Indeed, huge corporations should also do their part but we should too. And although saving the world is not easy, there are baby steps to get into it.

In this video, I shared some simple ways on how we can save the world. Which among these are you already doing?

These may be "little" ways but if 10,000,000 people do these steps every single day, can you imagine how big the impact can be?

Editing Notes

So it's the end of the Earth month and this is the second Earth-related and last video for April that I would release. I had bigger plans for this month but once again, things happened.

I've got a new job! Yay! And I'm still catching up with the new schedule and all. I also introduced a new project on my Instagram TV so I also create content for it. (Ginusto ko 'to huhu.) If you haven't followed me on IG yet, feel free to check it out. Hihi.

Anyway, I learned to let go of this need to push myself harder just because I planned everything without considering allowance for potential schedule changes. I realized that there is still a World Environment Day, a Plastic-Free July, and every day should be Earth Day! This thought made me feel better.

Despite the busyness I currently experience, I still made sure to create another video for this month. What I did was to get a chunk from my original video idea and create a short video for it.

That way I get to have another content and I get to fulfill my idea (in my small ways too!).


As usual, the list/script is the first thing to be made. Next, I shot a 10-second clip for each item. The list helped me quicken my phase in video shooting and video editing. I finished everything in less than three (3) hours—including the shoot itself. That's a huge achievement for me!

There's so much more "small ways" I can include to the list, but to make it effective and easy on the eyes, I limit the number to 10. Note for you guys: You can always break your long video into little episodes or parts.

Are there other more you can add to my list? Let me know in the comments section below!

Next month is my birth month! I wish we find a cure for this pandemic! And I wish I can create more interesting and helpful content for my channel. Wish me luck! And I wish good health and the willpower to each of us!

Today's Baybayin:
Iligtas! (Means 'Save' or 'Rescue' in English)



(Create & Inspire Always)

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