Time Capsule @ 25

May 01, 2018

What I love about making videos is how it preserves time in a more concrete way.

The month of May is here! In a few days, I won't be 25 anymore. ᜆᜆᜈ᜔ᜇ ᜈ ᜈᜋᜈ᜔! Haha.

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25 has always been a special number for me. It was on this date last September that I launched this passion project, and of course, at this age too. To commemorate the year, I decided to create a "Time Capsule". Instead of digging a hole and hiding the capsule somewhere, I came up with a video that will remind me of what I was like.

Time capsule definition

This year has been tough, but it made me tougher and softer - if that makes any sense. There are lots of surprises, a lot of ups and downs, but it's okay 'coz there are a lot of carefree moments too. :)

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I hope you create a time capsule too - may it be a photo book, a scrapbook, a letter, a blog post, the usually hidden capsule, or anything. Just start creating! I look forward to looking back to this (and my other works) in ten years or so and I hope I can also check yours. ;)

Here's my time capsule video. Link me up yours!


(Create & Inspire Always)

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  1. Sobrang bet!!! "My dreams changed, but my passion remains"

    Keep the light igniting, Yannaloves!

    1. You do the same too, Jhanzey! We need you and your heart! :*