Baybayin | FAQs Answered! (Part 1)

Hey hey hey! What's up y'all?

It has been more than a year since I randomly uploaded my BAYBAYIN tutorial on my YT channel and as of writing, it has reached 79k views (as of writing)! I did not expect that but I do hope those who watched did learn something out of it.

Why Create Another Video?

What I did get are several questions about Baybayin so here's another attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions on my tutorial video. I only answered five questions for this video but I also added some BONUS FACTS at the end to make sure it would satisfy your curious minds (haha!).

I will try to create Part 2 of this video since I think there will be a lot more to discuss on this topic. We can all learn from each other.

Share your thoughts as well! For now, please enjoy watching this:

Editing Notes

In terms of video creation, things do get simpler when everything is planned.

For this video, I first selected the questions to answer. Then, I created the script and recorded the voice over. After that, I shot the videos needed for half a day. Next came music selection and the editing, alongside the animation which took me about one full day.

It usually takes me three full days at a minimum to finish a video. I'm glad my phasing is improving. I guess the concept and how hard the execution does matter... so plan well!

I hope to make some more videos for this month! Wish me luck!



(Create & Inspire Always)

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