My 2018 Planner

Hello, guys!
2018 is almost here! Are you excited? Have you planned how you want your year to turn out? Or are you not a fan of this concept?
If you haven't yet but are planning to... or even if you're not a believer of this "new year, new life" notion, I hope this week's vid…

Weekend With Inah ♥

It's been more than a month since I've last posted here. I won't explain the reasons anymore. What's important is I have new content for you! YAY! ^_^

Anyhoooooo... for the past weeks, I've been enjoying watching some YouTube videos that were the inspiration for thi…

A Thriller Night: Halloween OOTD + Dance Cover

Another first! (for the family this time). First = UNA (ᜂᜈ)

Do you remember any entry for the "First" category? Well, here's mine.

First Halloween It's Sanji's first legit Halloween experience so we were "pressured" to make it somehow special — thus, why not dress u…

From LB to LU (A Love Letter to Friends)

My friends and I went to La Union to spend a chill weekend together.  Before going there, we promised we would each produce a creative output from the trip. Since this week's episode is under the Balu-ART-e (Thoughts) section of my blog, I decided to create "A Love Letter to Friends"…

#SONA with Tita Inah

I've been spending a lot of time with my nephew, Sanji, for the last one and a half months. I am literally watching him grow day by day. This made me realize that he's almost halfway to his second year as a human being and I was also reminded of how delayed I was in releasing his first bir…

Things to do in Boracay

I love taking clips of my adventures. Sometimes with a vision of what kind of video to make out of it, other times, just random snippets to preserve the memories without an actual visual perception of how it would turn out. Just like this trip I had last May.
It was my second visit to the country&…

Ang Simula

SIMULA (ᜐᜒᜋᜓᜎ) means the beginning, origin, opening, start

But in my dictionary it means — ang pinakamahirap na sitwasyong hindi mo pipiliing mapuntahan/kalagyan; para lamang sa matatapang

Deciding to end a relationship, a project, a dream, is not at all easy.

Starting over, however, is much mor…

Welcome to #INAHRTE!

After long years of waiting (well, at least, for me), this site is finally launched! MAGPUGAY ANG LAHAT!!!
'Magpugay' in Baybayin is ᜋᜄ᜔ᜉᜓᜄᜌ᜔ It means to congratulate, to greet, to salute, to welcome.

HERE'S MY STORY I spent three weeks creating and conceptualizing the overall look of m…