10 Simple Ways To Help Save Mother Earth

Hey, lovelies!!!

The thought of saving the world is intimidating, I know, but no one else is concerned and willing to do it other than us.

Indeed, huge corporations should also do their part but we should too. And although saving the world is not easy, there are baby steps to get into it.

In this v…

Paa Sa Lupa (Feet On The Ground)

APRIL is Earth month and I want to create special entries for this month.

This will be my first entry and I hope there will be more videos to come. I have plans but I'm not sure if my will and determination are enough to make them come to life. Hehe. I hope they are and I will do my best too! O…

Practice Reading Baybayin

I decided to insert this content this month because my 'Writing Baybayin' video reached its 100k views. I don't usually mind numbers but this is an achievement for a small-time content creator like me. It means my video reached a number pair of eyes. Nakakatuwa!

I hope those who watche…

Draw From Memory | Family Edition

Hello, everyone! Hope you are all safe~

The enhanced community quarantine has been extended to two more weeks here in the Philippines. It will end on April 30, 2020.

Since we're all stuck in the house (and are very lucky to do so — special thanks to all hardworking COVID-19 warriors out there …

Can We Just Go Back to Normal?

In Laguna, we're currently on Day 21 of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

For those who don't know or those reading this in the future, ECQ simply means that people should stay in their homes to help "flatten the curves" of this pandemic called COVID-19.

Like any other thing, it…